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Serge Avédikian

ActivitiesActor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Voice, Voice-over


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Serge Avédikian


    Serge Avédikian leads in parallel a career as an actor, stage director and film director. In the cinema, Barking Island is his third animated film, after Life Line in 2003 and One Fine Morning in 2005, which employs similar techniques. He has also made creative documentaries: No Way Back, After the Wall, Irina Brook, Contagious Pleasure and, more recently, We Drank the Same Water, theatrically released in 2008.
    Numerous shorts and medium-length fiction films are equally to his credit, Bonjour Monsieur, Au revoir Madame, Ladies and Gentlemen and Mission Accomplished, as well as film poems, I Knew the Sun Well, The Fifth Dream, Lux Aeterna, and Terra Emota. He is currently working on his first fiction feature film, The Last Round.



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