A fine 26th French Film Festival UK ahead! !

A fine 26th French Film Festival UK ahead! !

The FFFUK, the highly awaited rendezvous in a territory otherwise considered difficult for the French cinema industry to access, will soon launch its 26th edition, with Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Tonie Marshall, as well as several young filmmakers, in the spotlight.

The French Film Festival UK was created in 1992 in two Scottish cities, with its main focus in Edinburgh, before it slowly spread out across the country in later years. The idea of the festival arose from the continuity of an historical bond and friendship between the two nations (the "Auld Alliance"). Since its creation, the festival organizers have strived to respond to the increasingly strong demand from British audiences to see more French films. Thanks to the  French Film Festival UK, British spectators, who have become a loyal and increasingly growing number, hence have the opportunity of discovering films they could only otherwise see in France, from classics to Cannes award-winners, and not forgetting short films.

The 26th edition will take place throughout November until December 16, being 41 days and 200 screenings in 19 cities across the United Kingdom, in partnership with thirty cultural centres/movie theaters. There will be three screening sites in Edinburg, four in London, six in Glasgow, as well as screenings in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and in many English cities, as far as the Shetlands and Orcades in Northern Scotland.

This year, the festival will welcome Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Tonie Marshall, as well as the young filmmakers (revealed in Cannes) Laetitia Carton and Marie Monge, and short film director Michaël Barocas. Other guests will be confirmed in due course.

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