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International statistics

23 March 2018 à 10:07

French films at the international box office: February 2018

In February, a comedy dominated the European markets and an adventure film appealed to Italian spectators, while a second comedy got off to a strong start in Belgium.

In February, a majority French production brought together more than 600,000 spectators abroad.

# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 C'est la vie! 625,718 4,547,171 771 15 1,552,063
2 Les Tuche 3 337,395 2,550,676 58 2 337,395
3 Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life 247,090 1,644,425 429 3 247,090
4 The Insult 144,209 924,746 180 11 407,387
5 Return of the Hero 44,682 270,449 441 3 44,682
6 Amant double 38,467 315,176 168 7 482,035
7 Happy End 38,234 281,334 186 13 402,540
8 Faces, Places 29,372 184,325 54 7 201,705
9 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 27,901 160,007 301 12 1,492,934
10 A Bag of Marbles 25,153 105,948 85 3 579,072
11 Irreplaceable 20,816 175,067 45 1 850,549
12 Renegades 17,304 69,462 58 3 941,578
13 So Help Me God 16,838 139,754 24 2 16,838
14 Just to Be Sure 15,891 128,395 94 4 285,254
15 Dr. Knock 15,304 119,129 131 2 105,686
16 Marry Me, Dude 13,915 63,682 39 1 200,764
17 The Young Karl Marx 13,448 73,272 19 3 326,531
18 Custody 11,599 72,063 78 4 11,599
19 In the Forests of Siberia 11,294 27,657 29 1 31,313
20 BPM (Beats Per Minute) 10,847 58,351 42 11 177,126

In February, majority French productions produced 1.89 million admissions in international theaters, a result markedly higher than that of January (1.72 million). Like the previous month, 4 titles crossed the 100,000 spectators' threshold and Western Europe remains the first export zone for French films.

During the first two months of 2017, French productions generated 14.7 million in admissions abroad, in the same period in 2018, they totaled only 6.75 million. This can be explained by the huge success of Leap (7.96 million and 14 million in total) and of Two is a Family (1.94 million and 5.12 million in total), which by themselves alone sustained the greatest proportion of the 2017 results, a score that the performances of new titles cannot manage to equal, despite the fine careers of Call Me by Your Name (3.14 million) and C'est la vie! (1.55 million).

 The latest film by the Nakache-Toledano duo remained at the top of the monthly chart. C'est la vie! attracted 625,700 additional spectators, for a total of 1.55 million and €10.7 million in box office revenues! Two new releases in Western Europe have been added to its international career. In Germany, the comedy launched on 180 prints and brought in 75,000 German spectators. The number of screens progressed in the second week and the film has currently garnered 237,500 admissions (€1.9 million in box office revenues). Distributed on a similar number of prints in Italy, C'est la vie ! appealed to 65,000 spectators, for a total of 126,000 tickets sold: a good result, it's true, but which could have been higher given the film's warm welcome during the last Rome Film Fest. These launches adhere to the general trend, with better performances than those of Samba but below those achieved by The Intouchables. To date, the film has produced its strongest performance in Spain: after featuring on the local Top 10 ratings for a month, it accumulated 347,500 admissions (€2.22 in box office revenues).

 Two new titles entered the monthly ratings for the first time. Thanks to its huge success in Belgium, Les Tuche 3 arrived in 2nd position. In Belgium as in France, the aventures of Bouzolles's most beloved family become more popular with each new episode. In 2011, The Tuches released in 10 theaters and generated €67,000 in box office revenues (around 10,500 admissions, with 52,500 in total admissions and €338,000 in box office revenues). Five years later, The Tuche - The American Dream caused a sensation by accumulating €797,000 in box office revenues in its opening week (33 screens – 107,500 spectators), and finished its career with €2.37 million in box office revenues (324,500 admissions), becoming the most successful French film of 2016 in Belgium. For this new episode, the distributor of the trilogy launched the film on 37 screens, achieving, after its opening week and including preview screenings, a total of €917,500 in box office revenues, being 128,000 spectators! Buoyed by an impressive box office revenues per print average (around €18,600), Les Tuche 3 rose to the top of the Belgian box office on the first day of its release. A month into its run, the comedy totaled €2.22 million in box office revenues (310,500 spectators), not forgetting the 26,500 admissions recorded in French-speaking Switzerland.

 Another 3rd episode of a highly popular tale joined the box office in February: Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life. The largest proportion of the monthly result was achieved in Italy, where, despite the presence of several titles nominated for Oscars monopolizing the screens, the film was the only new family title and benefited from this position. It was programmed in 363 theaters, which had welcomed 185,500 spectators (€1.17 million in ticket sales) after 7 days. This fine launch propelled it to 6th place in the local ratings, but this result was nevertheless lower than that of the earlier episodes, which ended their careers with 1.17 million admissions (Belle and Sébastien) and 402,500 admissions (Belle & Sebastian, the Adventure Continues...). At the same time as it released in France, Belle and Sebastian, Friends for Life arrived on Belgian screens and generated €158,500 in box office revenues (around 22,000 spectators). This episode marks a better launch than the previous one (2015 – €145,500 in ticket sales, with €756,000 and 102,000 total admissions); on the other hand, it has not managed to double the score of the first (2013 – €263,500 in box office revenues, with an accumluated total of €1.09 million and 152,000 spectators).

 Outside the Top 3, The Insult carved a placed for itself in theaters in the USA and English-speaking Canada. The drama released mid-January in 3 theaters, which increased to 54 by the 7th week, and tallied $803,000 in box office revenues (€649,500), being around 93,000 spectators, with 405,500 total admissions abroad.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:07 CEST

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