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International statistics

19 June 2017 à 10:07

French films at the international box office: May 2017

In May, a dramedy crossed the million admissions threshold in Italy, a thriller appealed to Spanish audiences, while a comedy zoomed ahead in Latin America.

In May, a majority French production garnered more than 500,000 admissions abroad.

# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Two is a Family 598,175 3,048,919 851 8 4,194,785
2 Miss Sloane 161,840 1,118,423 489 4 780,062
3 Full Speed 86,928 165,682 200 3 286,766
4 The African Doctor 80,713 619,080 296 2 186,520
5 Frantz 80,672 570,268 181 12 730,102
6 A Bag of Marbles 72,136 218,643 61 3 152,466
7 Things to Come 50,098 356,030 85 5 619,606
8 Dalida 49,881 267,520 172 5 205,187
9 Raw 47,576 158,841 75 5 379,617
10 From the Land of the Moon 38,927 142,977 100 10 179,721
11 The Odyssey 35,886 153,516 157 5 325,940
12 The Red Turtle 35,133 267,683 55 6 450,016
13 Personal Shopper 34,774 664,904 115 9 408,183
14 Django 32,133 272,579 95 3 35,022
15 In Bed with Victoria 29,404 222,219 141 4 73,727
16 If I Were a Boy 27,022


176 1 36,482
17 Yellowbird 24,511 110,008 48 1 1,007,411
18 The Young Karl Marx 24,152 128,834 78 5 213,605
19 Lost in Paris 22,760 142,096 108 4 29,580
20 Mune 19,321 170,597 167 2 2,143,275

  Two is a Family settles into its role as the French film that has been most seen abroad in 2017. By the middle of May, Hugo Gélin's film had crossed the million admissions mark in Italy and became the first majority French film of the year to cross this symbolic threshold in a territory! Supported by its distributor and spurred on by postitive world of mouth, the film continues to attract Italian spectators: in the sixth week of its run, it was still on the Top 10 of the local box office. With a total of 1.06 million admissions and €6.49 million in box office revenues registered at the end of May, the dramedy confirms its place as the greatest French success for the first half of the year in this territory, and is also placed 11th in the rankings, registered by UniFrance, of the most-seen French films of all time in Italy.

After having been presented at the New French Cinema festival, which took place at the beginning of May in several Polish cinemas, Two is a Family went on to enjoy a fine release in the country. Released on many screens, which increased in the second week (from 145 to 159), and including the previews, the film already garnered 153,500 admissions and €697,500 in box office revenues after two weeks. Since January 2017 in Poland, only Leap has done better, with 508,000 mesmerized spectators. During May, Two is a Family generated 598,000 additional admissions, which allowed it to cross the 4 million spectator threshold abroad!

 Miss Sloane returned to the monthly Top 20 and even rose to second place. The thriller had several strong releases in May. In the United Kingdom, distributed on 219 screens, the film garnered  £329,000 in its first week, being around 49,000 admissions. Although the film is in ninth place at the local box office, a more solid and less nuanced start was expected for this English language thriller. At the same time, it should be noted that the English market is often dominated by American blockbusters and it is difficult for other productions to find a good perch. At the end of May, the thriller had accumulated £491,500 in box office revenues, being 73,500 admissions.

In Spain, Miss Sloane benefited from a wide release in 267 theaters and attracted 88,000 spectators (€548,000 in box office revenues) after two weeks on screens. It is the second best performance achieved by the film abroad, after the USA, where it clocked up around 404,500  admissions ($3.50 million in box office revenues). And as the second week result showed a growth trend, we can expect that the thriller will cross the 100,000 spectator threshold at the beginning of June. Internationally, Miss Sloane has accumulated 780,000 admissions and €5.81 million in box office revenues.

 In the first half of the year, French cinema has been doing particularly well in Mexico. By May 31, 1.98 million admissions had been recorded in this territory (around €4.73 million in box office revenues), compared to 315,500 during the same period in 2016 (around €806,500 in box office revenues). It is indeed in this country that Full Speed has enjoyed its strongest release internationally. 76,000 Mexican spectators went to one of the 190 theaters presenting the film in the middle of May, a relative success, however, because the film lost almost 90% of its admissions in its second week and ended up with a tally of 85,000 admissions (€160,500 in box office revenues). The same trend has occurred in Peru, because, again in its second week, Full Speed reached a maximum of 22,000 admissions. In all, the film currently has 286,500 admissions and €1.24 million in box office revenues abroad.

 In May 2017, we should also mention the very fine career of Things to Come in Australia, which has garnered AUD802,000 (being around 60,000 admissions) and has become the second biggest French success of the year, after the sensational success of Rosalie Blum (AUD1.26 million in box office revenues). Last but not least, The African Doctor is doing well in Germany, with 147,000 spectators and €1.12 million in box office revenues, becoming the second  most-seen French comedy in this territory in 2017, after Two is a Family (926,000 admissions).

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:07 CEST

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