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International statistics

26 September 2019 à 10:04

French films at the international box office: August 2019

In August, an action film opened in South Korea, while an animation was launched in the Chinese market and a comedy was a smash hit in Portugal.

In this month's news, two French productions attracted more than 400,000 moviegoers in theaters outside France.

International box office results for French films (outside France)
July 29–September 1, 2019
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Anna 457,084 2,340,103 2,021 43


2 Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away 418,770 1,856,189 8 4 968,261
3 Ibiza 207,185 1,186,267 263 8 353,566
4 Serial Bad Weddings 2 173,971 960,159 242 8 2,882,183
5 Who You Think I Am 78,354 626,048 121 5 173,080
6 The Emperor of Paris 59,344 233,436 734 4 297,159
7 A Man in a Hurry 53,560 236,794 131 8 182,762
8 A Faithful Man 41,375 136,972 84 7 158,987
9 Claire Darling 36,138 186,288 92 8 239,902
10 In Your Hands 29,030 230,499 96 7 230,485
11 Terra Willy 28,729 115,709 169 6 592,056
12 Conviction 21,095 126,601 38 1 23,499
13 The Sower 20,967 56,874 44 1 98,045
14 The Summer House 20,907 125,812 59 2 126,743
15 Sink or Swim 20,413 147,168 113 9 974,803
16 The Wolf's Call 19,952 89,958 71 4 127,924
17 Non-Fiction 19,028 76,215 133 10 478,429
18 Yao 18,715 113,545 56 6 189,587
19 Maria by Callas 14,747 72,307 21 3 694,076
20 Venice Calling 14,163 69,139 4 4 44,114

In August, French productions registered a total of 2.41 million admissions in theaters abroad (€12.9 million in ticket sales), with majority-French productions accounting for 87% of the figures this month (2.1 million tickets sold and €11.1 million in receipts). We can observe that attendance figures for French films dropped by one third in comparison to July 2018, and also to July 2017 (3.59 million spectators). The main reason for this is the lack of titles that garnered more than 1 million admissions (Anna is an example of this last month, as is Taxi 5 in 2018), which can generate one third of all admissions on their own. Four titles garnered over 100,000 spectators in August, one less than in July, with the top three titles credited with 1.08 million admissions, which can be compared to the 2.17 million admissions registered by the top three titles in July. The latest offering from Luc Besson remained at the top of our charts, while the second installment of Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away and Ibiza broke into the Top 3 for the first time this month.

  For the third consecutive month, Anna was the most popular French film in international theaters. It is, however, starting to lose momentum, with scores outside France standing at 1.49 million admissions in June, 1.78 million in July, and "only" 457,000 in August. This thriller can nonetheless boast ambitious releases in key markets: 425 sites in South Korea, 240 in Brazil, and 132 in Spain. After ten days on South Korean screens, Anna topped the 100,000 admissions mark (€584,000 in ticket sales), but saw the number of screens cut back by 67%. In Brazil, 69,000 spectators came out for the film's opening weekend (€270,000), a figure that dropped back by 90% by the end of its second week. While waiting for its release in Mexico, scheduled for mid-October, we can note that the film's score in Brazil is its highest in Latin America so far, followed by Peru (44,000 admissions and €131,000). Surprisingly, its reception in Spain is far from enthusiastic, with a meager 11,000 tickets sold (€74,000) to date. This latest film directed by Luc Besson—which has so far accumulated 3.76 million admissions in seventy markets outside France (representing €19.7 million in box office revenues), including 908,000 admissions in Russia (€3.14 million) and 875,000 in North America (around €8 million)—is soon to be released in Australia, Colombia, and the Netherlands.

  This month for the first time, Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away features among our Top 3 titles, largely thanks to the "China effect," even if its impact is far less impressive that previous hit titles in this market. By the end of its opening week, this animated film tallied 418,000 admissions, with 68,000 screenings held across China (€1.86 million in ticket sales), generating a score that is nonetheless half than that registered by the film's first installment in 2014 (811,000 admissions, €3.62 million in box office revenues). Despite this, Minuscule 2 remains the most successful of all of the eight French films released in China since January 2019 (all of which are French-language productions), and it has managed to attract more Chinese spectators than Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings (272,500 admissions and €1 million). Three-quarters of all admissions generated by French films in China in 2019 have thus come from animated films. Minuscule 2 has registered its best international performance in China, followed by Poland (180,000 spectators and €764,000), with a running total of 968,000 tickets sold outside France in 2019 (€4.9 million).

  A new arrival in our charts, Ibiza has enjoyed a triumphant release in Portugal, where it has posted the best results for a French film in this market since the start of 2019! This comedy registered over 47,500 Portuguese spectators (€258,000 in ticket sales) in its opening week, standing out as the most popular new title and gaining third place in the local charts. One month after its launch, Ibiza reached a total of 113,000 admissions (€607,000). Released at the same time in Spain, where it attracted only half the number of spectators despite being deployed in three times as many sites, this film has now registered its best results outside France to date in Portugal! Already released in several other international markets, including Russia (56,000 admissions and €208,000), Ibiza will soon hit movie screens in Poland.

Other standout performances outside our Top 20:

  • For the past two months, Amanda has been released in theaters across Japan, where it has already attracted 30,000 moviegoers (€292,000 in ticket sales)
  • Who You Think I Am is now the most successful French-language film so far in 2019 in Australia (47,000 admissions and AUD$654,000)
  • A Faithful Man has registered the best opening outside France in Mexico, where it boasts a running total of 32,000 admissions (€98,000 in ticket sales)
  • Serial Bad Weddings 2 posts landmark achievements in two European markets: 200,000 admissions in Poland (€865,000) and 100,000 admissions in Greece (€661,500).


Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:04 CEST

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