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International statistics

21 November 2017 à 10:08

French films at the international box office: October 2017

In October, a science fiction title retained its position as the most successful French film of the year in theaters abroad, while an animated film won over audiences in Britain and an action film put in an excellent performance in Hong Kong.

This month, a French-majority production, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, attracted just under 200,000 spectators in international theaters.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 199,588 1,296,577 532 20 28,225,424
2 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 160,946 1,135,992 863 7 667,007
3 Renegades 135,125 621,912 234 7 290,438
4 C'est la vie! 129,234 1,053,372 77 2 129,234
5 Happy End 120,318 927,392 202 6 120,318
6 Back to Burgundy 113,804 763,685 376 11 362,390
7 Amant double 72,949 335,284 307 5 325,016
8 The Insult 53,250 383,400 18 1 110,706
9 Overdrive 48,411 451,329 180 6 1,075,782
10 The Man with the Iron Heart 47,846 296,369 71 5 181,806
11 Little Spirou 45,772 337,267 50 2 45,772
12 Lost in Paris 44,489 176,899 130 8 255,539
13 BPM (Beats Per Minute) 42,166 281,024 95 6 67,796
14 Faces, Places 41,827 296,582 47 2 57,625
15 The Midwife 41,718 311,399 109 12 369,594
16 À bras ouverts 38,215 346,765 185 5 375,741
17 Bright Sunshine In 36,154 223,534 45 4 36,154
18 33,723 210,668 251 4 373,024
19 Fifty Springtimes 30,404 272,274 114 6 120,504
20 Django 28,837 224,639 106 4 85,451


Due to the absence of large-scale productions with high commercial potential released in this period, box office results abroad were more moderate than those of September, with the two top-performing titles remaining unchanged.

 For the fourth time running, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets held its position at the top of our monthly rankings. Almost all attendance figures credited to this film in October came from Italy, where 175,000 admissions were registered. When added to the 184,500 admissions from its opening week, this brings the film's total score to date to 359,000 spectators outside France (for €2.42 million tickets sold). Hampered by negative press and with its results abroad falling short of expectations, Valérian confronts an Italian theatrical market in which French films' share has declined by 14% compared to 2016, and which is saturated by an over-concentration of titles released at the beginning of the fall season instead of being spread across the summer period. Also in October, Valérian crossed the 500,000 admissions mark in Brazil. Current data on the 44 markets monitored by UniFrance shows that Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets posts a total of 28.2 million admissions and €156.1 million in box office takings overall, which places it as the 7th most successful French film outside France in the past twenty years.

 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) held strong in 2nd place in our monthly box office charts. Released in the United Kingdom on 500 screens mid-September, it took £444,000 that month, equivalent to around €506,000 (61,000 admissions). Despite this lackluster debut, it performed well in October (and was still showing in 170 theaters in its 7th week), raking in an additional £683,000 (93,500 admissions) to reach a total of £1.46 million, representing around 200,000 tickets sold. This score is outshined only by the film's results in Russia, which show the best performance to date by this animated film in international theaters (280,500 spectators). In Italy, on the other hand, in a market characterized by instability and fierce competition, The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) has not managed to make its mark: in spite of an ambitious release at 300 sites, it garnered a meager 49,000 spectators after two weeks. It currently tallies 667,000 admissions and €3.36 million in box office revenues outside France.

RenegadesRenegadesRenegades has broken into the Top 3 titles for the first time. This French-majority production shot in English, which is yet to hit screens in France, has already been released in a number of foreign markets, primarily in Europe. It has achieved only modest results in relation to its extensive release, with, for example, just over 40,000 admissions registered in Italy and Poland, despite showing at 180 and 135 sites, respectively. In Portugal, this action film attracted 48,500 moviegoers with 60 prints in circulation, but its best per-print admissions score was recorded in Hong Kong, where 24 theaters showed the film to 45,000 spectators. In this market, Renegades ranks as the 2nd most popular French film in 2017, after Valérian.

 There is a difference of several thousand admissions between Renegades and the 4th best-performing title this month, the latest offering from the Toledano-Nakache directing duo. Released simultaneously in France and neighboring French-speaking countries, C'est la vie! clocked up €286,000 from 54 prints in its opening week in Belgium (including preview screenings), representing around 40,000 admissions. Despite benefiting from the largest-scale release ever offered to a film by these directors in this country, its launch was slightly less successful than that of Samba (€305,000 and 43,500 admissions, for a total of €1.35 million) and The Intouchables (€318,000 and 46,000 admissions, for a total of €6.36 million). Thanks to positive word-of-mouth, the comedy topped 100,000 spectators in its fourth week (€713,500 in ticket sales), with the number of theaters remaining the same as its opening weekend.

 This month, Faces, Places (Faces, Places) raked in $318,000 (around 37,500 spectators) in the USA, becoming the most successful film by Agnès Varda in North America, according to UniFrance data. And to conclude, three French films crossed the symbolic 100,000 admissions threshold in other markets: Amant double in Poland, The Insult in Lebanon, and Overdrive in Japan—an achievement that enabled Overdrive to top the million spectators mark in international theaters!

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:08 CEST

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