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International statistics

25 August 2017 à 10:08

French films at the international box office: July 2017

In July, a science fiction film released worldwide crossed the 5 million spectators threshold, an action film attracted Russian moviegoers, while a dramedy appealed to Latin Americans.

In July, a majority French production garnered 5 million spectators on the international scene.

# Title No. of Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Revenues
1 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 5,532,769 41,735,751 5,415 18 5,532,769
2 Overdrive 357,146 1,692,240 1,268 13 409,808
3 Two is a Family 275,452 1,037,395 391 10 4,694,002
4 The Man with the Iron Heart 97,543 610,351 134 1 115,667
5 Penny Pincher! 90,026 263,259 68 3 871,195
6 Miss Sloane 88,223 693,887 141 5 987,462
7 Lost in Paris 87,328 525,817 99 7 136,356
8 À bras ouverts 86,863 359,743 275 2 181,644
9 The Midwife 78,236 566,690 280 12 198,971
10 He Even Has Your Eyes 73,792 527,662 260 2 109,160
11 Back to Burgundy 51,952 404,303 84 3 54,108
12 Mr & Mrs Adelman 48,252 222,922 36 3 108,911
13 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 47,762 165,621 191 4 47,762
14 Rock'n Roll 41,262 184,516 138 4 104,829
15 The Red Turtle 39,627 175,995 86 6 581,126
16 Fifty Springtimes 30,836 209,542 62 2 40,679
17 Heartstrings 30,285 88,250 34 1 35,919
18 Jour J 30209 139,845 138 4 86,372
19 Monsieur Chocolat 28,581 249,404 54 2 764,467
20 Frantz 26,965 140,352 84 10 799,458

  Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets stands out as July 2017's most-seen French film in cinemas abroad. 5.53 million spectators and €41.7 million in box office revenues across 5,400 theaters in 18 territorities have been recorded by UniFrance. The largest part of this score was generated in the USA. Valerian released there in 3,553 theaters and generated $33.7 million in box office revenues (being around 4 million admissions) after two weeks on release. The American summer season confirmed its strong numbers and highly competitive releases, as the film was faced with the launch of Dunkirk and of blockbusters, such as  Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, and Despicable Me 3. Also weakened by critical reviews, Luc Besson has not rediscovered the success of Lucy, released in the same period in 2014, which grabbed first place at the American box office and generated $88 million in two weeks. We note a 60% drop in Valerian's box office revenues compared with its opening week, a fall that complicates the theatrical run in the weeks ahead. Among its best results, Valerian also appealed to 625,000 German and 142,500 Belgian spectators, and crossed the million Canadian dollars box office revenue threshold in Quebec (around 118,500 admissions). If we take into account the stakes represented by the film and the expectations it gave rise to, this first wave of releases proves disappointing and falls short in terms of expected figures. On the other hand, we should recall that the film's international career has only just started and it is already one of the strongest French successes abroad in 2017.  


 For the first time, Overdrive has entered the monthly Top 3 titles ratings and scooped up 2nd place. The territory that has contributed most to this result is Russia, where the film benefited from the widest number of prints registered to date (almost 800) and achieved its best performance. Despite a slight dip of 5% in its second week, it has tallied 179,000 admissions and is among the four French titles to have crossed the 100,000 spectator threshold in Russia this year. Overdrive's Portuguese career is equally positive: with 65,500 admissions, only Leap precedes it (120,500 admissions). Although action films often characterize titles out on release in summer, this thriller must also cope with the competition of several American blockbusters, as is the case for Valerian, which is conveyed through certain unsuccessful launches: in Germany, despite a 230-screen release, it attracted only 36,000 spectators. To date, Overdrive has accumulated 443,000 admissions and €2.19 million in revenues at the international box office. New releases are planned for the beginning of September, as the film has been sold in several territories.


 A tremendous success in different countries, Two is a Family has relinquished its leading place to more recent titles, but nevertheless remains in the monthly Top 3. In July, it was the turn of several Latin American countries to see the film playing in their theaters. The highest score recorded was in Brazil (91,000 spectators), followed by Mexico (68,000 admissions). In Colombia, Two is a Family drew 56,500 spectators to 66 theaters. This fine performance reinforces the French presence on the Colombian market in 2017 where, even though, on the one hand, Leap, with its 128,000 tickets sold, is far out in the lead ahead of other French titles, on the other hand, the total revenues generated by French productions previously did not cross the symbolic threshold of 100,000. The film sensation of the year has attracted a total of 4.69 million spectators and €31.3 million in revenues at the international box office, and its career is far from over, for it will soon release in Argentina and Japan.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:08 CEST

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