France 3

France 3


Buyer (short films), TV Channel, Television media, Co-production, Associate producer
France 3

    Company presentation

    French public channel (France Télévisions)
    "Libre Court": Weekly short film program (Friday evenings, third time slot at 12:20 a.m.)

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    Acquisition criteria for short films:

    • Running time: less than one hour
    • Genre: fiction and animation by French, French-speaking, or foreign directors
    • Version: French or original version with French subtitles
    • Length of contract: 4 multi-broadcasts for 30 months, of which only the premiere broadcast is exclusive; 1 multi-broadcast on the OM Premières network, 4 multi-broadcasts on Web TV; preview: 7 days; catch-up: 7 days; free VOD broadcast for 6 months
    • Broadcast territories: France and French overseas regions and territories
    • Presence at festivals: Includes Clermont-Ferrand, Trouville, Montpellier, Biarritz, Cannes, Brives, Brest, and Annecy.
    • Average number of films acquired per year: 25 pre-acquisitions, 25 acquisitions


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