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International statistics

16 October 2019 à 10:04

French films at the international box office: September 2019

In September, an action film hit movie screens in Colombia and Mexico, while a fantasy thriller pulled in audiences in Russia and two dramas made their mark in two European markets.

This month, two French productions succeeded in attracting over 300,000 spectators abroad.

International box office results for French films (outside France)
September 2–29, 2019
# Title Admissions B. O. Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Anna 474,493 2,290,442 1,052 16 4,123,026
2 The Room 326,412 1,274,960 925 5 326,412
3 Who You Think I Am 58,798 405,627 181 9 232,970
4 The Best Years of a Life 58,277 353,256 113 2 67,254
5 By the Grace of God 24,579 153,494 147 4 163,140
6 A Very Bad Friend 23,915 241,561 37 2 23,915
7 Ibiza 20,975 112,760 48 6 375,488
8 A Faithful Man 20,262 61,258 42 6 179,249
9 Little White Lies 2 18,325 106,589 94 4 164,315
10 Synonyms 18,077 120,553 81 2 31,291
11 Sauvage 17,653 50,890 46 1 49,327
12 Terra Willy 14,652 62,840 154 7 684,274
13 Amanda 14,474 95,100 109 4 99,503
14 Farewell to the Night 13,997 65,145 59 2 21,420
15 Conviction 13,502 85,008 45 2 37,001
16 In the Move for Love 12,676 76,703 38 1 27,947
17 In Your Hands 12,163 108,411 40 5 276,114
18 Someone, Somewhere 12,087 124,560 36 2 12,087
19 New Biz in the Hood ! 11,599 68,869 64 3 32,726
20 Serial Bad Weddings 2 11,339 61,948 33 6 2,896,456

In September, French productions registered a total of 1.58 million admission admissions in international theaters (9.38 million in ticket sales), with majority-French films accounting for 90% of this figure (1.42 admissions, taking €8.52 million). In comparison to August, results abroad shrank by one third, and by 45% when compared to September 2018 (2.89 million spectators). Two titles topped 100,000 admissions, half the number of the previous month, with the top three titles in September accumulating 860,000 admissions (against 1.08 million in August). Luc Besson's latest directing venture, Anna, maintained its position at the top of our charts, while The Room and Who You Think I Am, followed closely by The Best Years of a Life, broke into the top three for the first time.

 For the fourth consecutive month, Anna was the most popular French film in theaters outside France, and has now surpassed the symbolic 4 million admissions mark! This thriller has been released in 70 markets and has registered over 100,000 admissions in thirteen of these territories, and ranks among the top three titles in eleven countries. Its most ambitious release was in North America (2,114 sites), but it is in Russia where it achieved its best performance (908,000 admissions, taking €3.14 million). In September, Anna was launched in four new markets, notably registering 144,500 in Colombia (€327,000), 119,000 in Mexico (€323,000), and 104,000 in Hong Kong (€883,500). It is yet to be released in countries including Australia, Italy, and Japan.

 Even though the film's release date in France has not yet been announced, The Room has embarked on its international run, debuting at number 2 in our charts! This majority-French-Belgian-Luxembourg coproduction by Christian Volckman was given a massive release in
Russia, with 557 sites mobilized, attracting 228,000 moviegoers (€792,000). In neighboring Ukraine, birthplace of lead actress Olga Kurylenko, The Room took third position at the box office (and fifth position in Russia), although its momentum is slowing, with a total of 39,000 tickets sold (€123,500). At the same time as its presentation at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain, The Room also hit theaters in South Korea, where it only managed to pull in 52,000 spectators in 163 theaters (€322,500), chiefly owing to fierce competition in its opening week. It is scheduled for upcoming release in Argentina, Belgium, and the Gulf countries.

 A newcomer in our charts, the drama Who You Think I Am benefited from release in four new markets, achieving particular success in The Netherlands, where it raked in €214,000 in around thirty sites (around 25,000 admissions). It is worth noting that it is the first French film to break into the top 10 in the Netherlands in 2019. Directed by Safy Nebbou, Who You Think I Am has already clocked up 233,000 admissions in sixteen foreign markets (representing €1.67 million), including just under 50,000 in Australia (AUD$681,000)—where it is the most successful French film so far this year—and 43,500 in Spain (€230,000). It will soon be launched in Italy, Norway, Portugal, and South Korea.

 Les Plus Belles Années d’une vie was only 500 admissions short of reaching third place. This drama by Claude Lelouch had a very promising debut in Spain, where it registered 500 admissions in its opening week—more than twice the average of 200 admissions among the top twenty titles! This strong opening has motivated  the film's distributor Caramel Films to up its release to an additional twenty theaters for its second weekend. It currently boasts a running total of 41,000 tickets sold in Spain (€249,000). Also released in in Italy at this time (17,000 admissions and €104,000), it will next set out to conquer audiences in Mexico and Quebec.


Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:04 CEST

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