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International statistics

12 May 2017 à 10:07

French films at the international box office: April 2017

In April, a French comedy made a splash in international markets, while a debut genre film took the American continent by surprise and two dramas showed strong appeal to United States audiences.

This month, one French-majority production attracted over 1 million spectators abroad.

# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Two is a Family 1,113,954 7,194,419 900 9 3,549,271
2 Raw 226,910 930,453 267 9 332,041
3 Frantz 139,997 1,086,266 214 9 639,630
4 Personal Shopper 124,078 857,454 314 13 373,409
5 The African Doctor 97,507 754,224 184 2 105,807
6 Agnus Dei / The Innocents 82,748 307,456 145 6 602,678
7 Things to Come 80,534 512,684 100 5 544,125
8 Penny Pincher! 79,193 642,123 250 7 683,067
9 À bras ouverts 68,419 563,375 57 2 68,419
10 The Odyssey 68,255 329,725 234 5 284,542
11 Elle 63,412 406,232 208 9 1,393,033
12 Dalida 60,165 302,285 171 5 155,306
13 Last Call for Nowhere 53,631 377,848 204 1 150,772
14 From the Land of the Moon 51,887 286,448 123 8 139,280
15 R.A.I.D. Special Unit 50,564 269,966 50 5 342,531
16 Irreplaceable 42,018 343,457 67 7 717,447
17 Full Speed 38,457 170,774 162 2 199,679
18 Rosalie Blum 36,696 228,875 48 2 185,163
19 Miss Sloane 31,768 205,289 85 4 618,222
20 A Kid 26,106 165,414 36 2 49,357

  Two is a Family stands out as one of the most successful homegrown films in France since its release in December 2016, credited with 3.24 million spectators to date. But by the end of April, movie admissions registered abroad exceeded those in the home market, where the film has attracted 3.55 million spectators (€25.6 million in ticket sales). It now ranks as the most popular French film outside France in the first four months of 2017! Two is a Family has also registered higher audience numbers than the two previous French films starring Omar Sy, Samba (2.33 million admissions) and Monsieur Chocolat (604,000). It performed particularly well in Italy in April, where it clocked up 399,500 admissions and €2.61 million in its opening week, taking 3rd place in the local charts. Two is a Family has thus outscored The Intouchables, which, at the time of its release in 2012, registered 366,000 spectators and €2.24 million (343 prints in circulation). Given this success, its Italian distributor has upped its release to 450 sites, with the film currently in number 2 position, with 695,500 admissions recorded (€4.54 million). Two is a Family also enjoyed an excellent debut in Spain in April. Screening in 262 theaters, it jumped to 4th place at the box office in its opening week, registering 164,500 admissions and €1 million in receipts, and now posts a total of 446,500 admissions and €2.79 million in this market to date. These scores can be added to the film's fine performances in other markets, including Germany (926,000 admissions), Russia (386,500) and Belgium (319,500).

 The month of April also saw the launch of Raw in theaters abroad. This debut film by Julia Ducournau achieved its best score in Mexico, where it screened in 75 theaters and drew 91,000 moviegoers in its opening week, with ticket sales worth €241,000 allowing it to capture 8th place in the local charts. After three weeks on Mexican screens, it posts a running total of 166,500 admissions (€444,000), making it the most successful French film in this market since the beginning of the year. Raw has benefited from positive word-of-mouth on the American continent, with its revenues in the USA on a constant rise. It has taken $515,000 to date (around 61,000 admissions), including $237,000 in its third and fourth weeks (accounting for 46% of its total takings, just under half). Initially released in two theaters, its circulation was increased to 45 sites exactly one month after its launch, and it is still showing in theaters. By the end of April, Raw was credited with 332,000 admissions in international theaters (€1.64 million), and its upcoming release is scheduled in several markets around the world.

 François Ozon's latest film continues to charm American audiences. After a limited release in two theaters mid-March, Frantz has attracted increasing audience numbers throughout April, to reach a current total of $825,500, for around 97,900 admissions. While Swimming pool remains Ozon's biggest success in the United States (released in 2003, taking $10.1 million), Frantz stands out as the director's best score since Potiche in 2009 ($1.62 million) and ranks as one of his five most popular films in the USA. Frantz also set out to conquer other markets in April: Australia (around 21,000 admissions), Argentina (15,500), and Quebec (12,500). These good performances boost its already impressive international score, which currently stands at 639,500 admissions and €4.54 million in ticket sales, with outstanding results registered in Germany (165,000 admissions), Italy (102,500), and Spain (100,500).

 Personal Shopper topped the million dollar mark at the box office USA in early April! Still showing in theaters after eight weeks, it has taken $1.27 million, with around 151,000 admissions registered. The new film by Olivier Assayas began its release in 15 theaters, before building up to reach 153 sites four weeks later. This marks the third time that a film by Assayas has registered more than $1 million at the US box office, after Clouds of Sils Maria (2015, $1.84 million) and Summer Hours (2009, $1.66 million). Personal Shopper now ranks as the director's 3rd most successful film in the USA. On a global level, the film currently tallies 373,500 admissions and €2.47 million in box office revenues.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:07 CEST

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