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International statistics

19 October 2022 à 12:43

French films at the international box office: September 2022

In September 2022, French cinema was represented in international theaters by over 250 films already distributed and over 150 new releases, registering a total of 1.5 million admissions and generating €9.74 million in ticket sales.

Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 remained at the top of the monthly charts, attracting 190,000 foreign spectators. Three other titles appealed to more than 100,000.
# Title Admissions B.O. Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions Total Revenues
1 Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 189,732 1,475,644 811 7 1,717,548 13,567,488
2 Pil 165,678 794,904 763 10 1,037,006 4,870,407
3 Maigret 127,379 728,476 287 8 288,206 1,838,563
4 King 114,870 417,539 285 3 405,966 1,447,708
5 Rise 65,929 522,305 151 6 147,655 1,317,576
6 Around the World in 80 Days 51,169 268,320 379 6 1,305,107 7,814,528
7 Both Sides of the Blade 50,548 392,137 373 9 81,898 676,666
8 About Joan 33,325 268,677 102 2 33,325 268,677
9 Les Choses humaines 26,125 156,601 66 1 45,057 305,032
10 The Man in the Basement 25,506 141,333 168 2 51,706 226,773
11 The Kitchen Brigade 22,788 174,700 102 5 72,412 562,182
12 The Night of the 12th 20,857 150,773 38 2 24,705 204,523
13 Freestyle 15,533 82,707 448 1 19,971 123,491
14 Ducobu président ! 14,875 127,654 32 2 78,583 707,928
15 Paris Memories 14,619 131,832 42 2 14,619 131,832
16 Pacifiction 12,697 79,546 38 1 12,697 79,546
17 Rumba Therapy 12,547 86,586 191 9 18,713 136,598
18 Between Two Worlds 12,159 110,444 74 5 149,947 1,051,754
19 Driving Madeleine 11,751 110,500 49 2 11,751 110,500
20 Vortex 11,435 41,329 61 4 67,653 424,291

Box office for French films relatively stable in international theaters

French films garnered 1.5 million admissions in theaters outside France in September, generating €9.7 million in ticket sales The threshold of 1.5 million admissions was thus crossed for the seventh time in 2022, despite a drop of 14.8% compared to August and 29.2% compared to July, when Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 landed in key markets. While its grip is loosening, other (majority-produced) titles  scored well in September, with four of them exceeding 100,000 admissions: there had not been so many since April (5).

Europe consolidates its leadership

Western Europe accounted for a little over half of all admissions to French films in theaters abroad in September (60 %) and secured a slightly larger share of the market than the previous month. On the other hand, the share of Central and Eastern Europe fell by 15 points to 20.2%. The continent as a whole remained the leading geographic zone in terms of the number of tickets sold by French films (80.2%!): four out of five spectators are therefore from this region. Unsurprisingly, the five countries registering the highest spectator numbers are located in this region: the top three are Germany, the leading market for the fourth consecutive month (240,000), Italy (155,000), and Poland (151,000), ahead of Spain (138,000), Belgium & Luxembourg (107,000). Outside Europe, only South Korea and Peru each offered more than 50,000 admissions to French cinema this month. Therefore, only  Latin America and Asia registered a share of more than 5% of the total.

Comedies still hold center stage

As in July and August, comedy/dramatic comedy was the leading genre of the month, attracting 0.5 million foreign filmgoers, or 35% of the total! Nevertheless, its hold was once again reduced by the rise of the adventure/political/thriller genre, which attracted 321,000 young and old, or one in five of total admissions. Among the 10 most popular productions seen on the big screen, four belong to these two categories. Drama and animation followed, each with nearly 300,000 tickets and a market share of almost 20%. The three remaining genres (biopic/war/history, fantasy/horror/science fiction, and documentary) couldn't count on a strong title and a high number of viewers to make their mark on the international scene in September.

Majority-French productions shot in the French language retain their lead

The 185 productions initiated by France released in theaters outside the home market generated 84.3% of admissions in September, thus gaining five percentage points over August, thanks in particular to the four titles amassing more than 100,000 spectators which belong to this category, followed by three others that generated more than 50,000 admissions. Minority-French productions (71 titles) saw their market share of admissions fall back once again more than 15.7% due to the greater success of the majority-French group. However, Fireheart added 53,000 viewers and returned to top position, and two new entrants already started making their mark on the big screen: Triangle of Sadness (45,000 admissions) and Corsage (29,000). French films shot in French continued to dominate the scene, generating 1.3 million admissions and representing close to 90% of the month's attendance figures, while all the French titles shot in a foreign language each remained below 50,000 moviegoers.

The best performances by French films

Serial (Bad) Weddings 3Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 is the French film that was most seen in movie theaters abroad in September, for the third consecutive month. The film continued to win over audiences in Germany (Neue Visionen, 695,000 admissions and €6.1 million in total revenues), Spain (A Contracorriente, 220,000 and €1.3 million), Poland (Gutek, 173,000 and €0.7 million), Austria (Filmladen, 130,000 and €1.2 million) and Switzerland (JMH, 100,000 and €1.3 million). Only 24,000 admissions separate it from Pil, the title in second place, which made its debut in Peru (Andes, 52,000 admissions and €0.1 million in box office revenues) and South Korea (Challan, 40,000 and €0.3 million), among other countries, and continued its triumphant career in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: it has been starring in the two local top 10 rankings for two months and has garnered 118,000 admissions (Bontonfilm,, €0.8 million), making it the biggest French success of the past five years in these two markets! In September, Pil exceeded one million admissions internationally (€4.9 million in B.O. revenues). With 110,000 tickets sold in Italy (Adler, €0.6 million), Maigret acheived the highest-grossing performance of a French film in a foreign territory this month, confirming Italian audiences' interest in French crime films and giving a boost to the French film industry in a market where cinema attendance is struggling to recover from the pandemic. Another sensation came from Poland, where moviegoers fell under the spell of King. The film recorded 64,000 admissions in its fourth week of release, when it returned to fourth place in the local rankings, double the number of its debut! 165,000 Poles have seen it on the big screen since September 9 (M2, €0.5 million). Cédric Klapisch's productions find a warm welcome in Germany and Rise, his latest feature, is no exception: it brought together 56,000 moviegoers (StudioCanal, €0.5 million), twice as many as his previous film released in 2019, Someone, Somewhere (StudioCanal, 32,000 admissions and €0.3 million), and achieved the second-highest average in the top 20 (250 admissions) in the week of its launch. 32,000 Spanish viewers (Flins & Piniculas, €0.2 million) and 19,000 former Yugoslavians (Blitz, €68,000) brought Around the World in 80 Days back into the monthly top 10, while Both Sides of the Blade continued its international career in nine markets.

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This report is based on results recorded on October 12, 2022. Since our statistics for film releases are continuously being updated, the graphics generated automatically on our website will differ from the chart featured in this article.

Contact : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 21 October 2022 à 12:43 CEST


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