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International statistics

19 October 2020 à 17:59

French films at the international box office: September 2020

In September, one French comedy charmed Italian audiences, while another drew crowds in Spain and a thriller made its mark in theaters in Australia.

In this month's news, one French production clocked up over 60,000 moviegoers in theaters outside France.

# Title Admissions B. O. Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 The Best is Yet to Come 60,992 373,629 322 3 243,633
2 Arab Blues 43,204 272,703 279 6 146,012
3 The Translators 29,500 242,034 72 5 252,607
4 Spread Your Wings 28,660 62,576 368 3 335,123
5 Les Misérables 27,177 204,553 167 7 659,544
6 Terra Willy 25,084 210,320 220 2 859,260
7 A Friendly Tale 24,289 149,134 149 3 24,289
8 Cold Blood Legacy 22,790 93,332 NC 1 71,985
9 Summer of 85 21,075 190,349 59 4 34,586
10 A Good Doctor 19,321 113,824 221 2 88,771
11 La Belle Epoque 15 120 139,658 99 6 941,886
12 Two of Us 12 655 115,474 123 5 27,599
13 Papicha 11,847 86,049 72 5 70,919
14 Hate 11,829 93,260 119 1 1,150,501
15 Yakari, A Spectacular Journey 10,615 109,382 72 2 37,271
16 Night Shift 10,371 102,941 63 2 10,371
17 Portrait of a Lady on Fire 9,553 31,236 78 8 1,427,260
18 An Officer and a Spy 8,870 74,020 99 7 1,397,820
19 My Donkey, My Lover & I 8,855 85,618 45 2 8,855
20 Small Country: An African Childhood 8,759 77,191 52 3 14,085

The month of September saw French films attracting a total of 980,000 admissions in international theaters (€6.5 million in ticket sales) thanks to the performance of around 200 titles, with majority-French productions accounting for 58% of all admissions (567,000 tickets sold, representing €3.9 million). For the first time since the reopening of movie theaters, our monthly figures show a marked downturn compared to last month (-3%), and are equivalent to just two thirds of the results for September 2019, when two titles exceeded 300,000 spectators.

 The Best is Yet to Come has broken into our Top 3 this month for the first time, snatching first place from Arab Blues, which had achieved the same feat in August. The film's release in Italy had been originally slated for the spring, but due to the closure of theaters its distributor was forced to cancel, then reschedule, its opening. To pave the way for the its release during a period that is generally lacking in new titles, the distributor of the drama by the Delaporte/De La Patellière directing duo presented exclusive screenings throughout the summer in open-air theaters. On September 17, The Best is Yet to Come opened in Italy in 300 sites—the biggest release offered this title in any market outside France, and also the biggest release of the week. It jumped straight to third place at the box office, bolstered by 29,000 ticket sales (€170,500), making it the best opening of all of the new films released that week, as well as the film's most successful opening outside France and the second best opening for a majority-French production in Italy since the start of 2020, after Spread Your Wings (102,000 admissions and €561,000). By the end of the month, it had raked in 57,000 admissions and €328,000, and is still showing in over 220 sites. The Best is Yet to Come has already won over 244,000 movie-lovers around the world (taking €1.7 million), excluding France, and is currently pursuing its international run in the United Arab Emirates.

 Last month's leading title in our charts dropped back to second place in September. Arab Blues began its international rollout in Spain, where it registered 10,000 spectators—the best opening of all the French titles released in Spain in the summer, and the film's second best debut outside France after Germany, where after 9 weeks on the screens, it is still showing in 70 theaters and is credited with more than 51,000 admissions (€401,000). Thanks to a triumphant opening week, it was showing in 13 additional sites the following weekend, reaching a total of 23,000 tickets sold by the end of September (€134,500). In both of these European markets, this debut film by Manele Labidi ranks as the best-performing French title of the summer season. Arab Blues has already garnered 146,000 admissions (€1.1 million) in around fifteen foreign markets, and is soon to hit theaters in Italy and Mexico.

 In Australia, even though The Translators was launched in just a handful of theaters (17), it has succeeded in generating AUD$121,500 (around 8,000 admissions), which is an impressive achievement that enabled it to be placed in 10th position in the local charts and the top position among limited releases. Furthermore, while the average earnings per theater of the Top 20 titles was AUD$2,000, The Translators posted an impressive average of AUD$7,000 (over 500 tickets sold per site). By the end of its second week, and taking into account a large number of premiere screenings, this thriller now boasts a running total of AUD$362,000, representing around 25,000 admissions—which only two other films released in Australia in 2020 have achieved to date: La Belle Epoque (AUD$530,000, 36,500 admissions) and SamSam (AUD$416,500, 29,000 admissions). With over 253,000 moviegoers having seen the film outside France (€1.7 million in box office revenues), including 54,500 in Japan (€593,500) and 25,000 in Greece (€156,500), The Translators is scheduled for upcoming release in Serbia.

Other outstanding performances in September outside the Top 3 titles:

  • In the United Kingdom, Les Misérables enjoyed the most ambitious release it has ever been offered (133 theaters), registering £163,000 (23,000 admissions) by the end of September and ranking as the best performance by a French film since the reopening of theaters in the UK.
  • Terra Willy benefited from the Labour Day vacation in Australia and New Zealand, posting the most successful opening for a French film so far in 2020 in both markets, with box office takings of AUD$272,000 (around 19,000 admissions) and NZ$80,000 (6,500 admissions). The film's earnings rose by almost 70% the following weekend!

This report is based on results recorded on October 8, 2020. As the figures relating to film releases are continuously updated, the graphics generated automatically on our website will differ from the chart featured in this article.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 25 November 2020 à 17:59 CET

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