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International statistics

28 June 2019 à 10:05

French films at the international box office: May 2019

In the month of May, a French comedy continued its successful run in German-speaking countries, while an animation opened in Russia and an adventure film proved a success in Brazil and Spain.

This month, our charts are led by a French production that garnered over 350,000 spectators in international theaters.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Serial Bad Weddings 2 364,731 3,146,548 842 8 2,443,147
2 Terra Willy 236,370 1,056,304 1,740 8 398,713
3 Mia and the White Lion 194,838 1,042,703 562 14 3,993,579
4 The Sisters Brothers 179,084 1,125,963 433 7 909,341
5 Non-Fiction 121,851 775,868 386 14 344,289
6 Just a Breath Away 108,063 249,453 288 1 325,953
7 Claire Darling 107,627 829,446 258 8 117,403
8 Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away 93,235 361,945 724 10 537,402
9 Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion 90,450 774,744 743 13 3,182,885
10 Little White Lies 2 78,701 691,950 68 2 78,701
11 See You Up There 75,158 325,128 0 1 344,514
12 Sink or Swim 67,721 383,212 122 7 755,024
13 The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir 46,033 301,399 156 3 375,870
14 In Safe Hands 45,291 243,988 202 6 84,524
15 La Ch'tite Famille 43,423 121,083 0 1 1,140,718
16 The Mustang 40,796 327,079 229 1 562,980
17 A Faithful Man 37,641 225,099 126 5 78,494
18 Let's Dance 36,160 129,279 560 6 51,653
19 Photo de famille 35,996 283,523 146 3 67,558
20 Invisibles 35,222 215,163 92 4 122,504

In May, French films generated 2.91 million admissions in theaters abroad (€18 million in ticket sales), with majority-French productions accounting for 84.2% of this month’s figure (2.45 million admissions and €15 million in ticket sales). In comparison with results for the month of April, French films showed a substantial decline of more than 40% in attendance figures outside France, a downturn that is also evident if we compare the overall results of this period with the same period in 2018. While seven titles succeeded in attracting over 100,000 spectators, only one title less than last month, the Top 3 films together registered just under 800,000 admissions, whereas the Top 3 titles in April scored a total of over 2.3 million admissions. Serial Bad Weddings 2 strengthened its position in May as the most popular French film abroad, while the arrival of Terra Willy on the international scene caused Mia and the White Lion to drop back one place in from last month. Even if Europe remains the leading export zone for French productions, a number of films achieved good results in other markets, notably in Mexico and Taïwan.

 As was the case in April, Serial Bad Weddings 2 took the top spot in our charts, registering 364,500 spectators in foreign theaters (taking €3.15 million), without any without being launched in any new markets. This comedy continues its successful run in Germany, where it is still currently shown in 400 theaters nearly eight weeks after its release, tallying a total of 1.2 million tickets sold (€9.8 million)—the best performance by a French film in a foreign market in 2019 to date. The new installment of the (mis)adventures of the Verneuil family has now crossed the 200,000 admissions mark in Austria and has racked up over 160,000 admissions in all zones of Switzerland grouped together. Standing strong with 2.44 million admissions to its credit from around twenty markets abroad (€19.5 million), Serial Bad Weddings 2's international career is by no means over, with its release scheduled in several new markets in upcoming months.

 In April, Terra Willy broke into the Top 3 for the first time, taking second place. This achievement can be largely attributed to its excellent performance in Russia: programmed in 830 theaters, it attracted 10,000 moviegoers in its opening week. With a running total of 131,500 admissions (€366,500), it sits in the charts between Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion—the most popular French film in Russia so far this year (351,000 admissions and €1 million in ticket sales)—and Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away (61,500 admissions and €172,000). Terra Willy has already drawn 167,000 spectators in Italy (€1.02 million) and 36,500 in Vietnam, and it will soon hit theaters in South Africa, Portugal, and Turkey

 Mia and the White Lion fell back one place, but retains its status as the most successful French film in international markets this year, and is coming very close to topping the 4 million admissions mark outside France! Two thirds of the film’s results in April came from Spain, where it is still showing in over 200 sites seven weeks after its launch in the country. Over this time, it has registered 596,500 spectators (€3.54 million), which is the best performance by this adventure film after Italy (913,500 admissions and €5.68 million) and ahead of Germany (550,000 admissions and €3.77 million). After enticing 34,500 moviegoers in Brazil (€123,500), where it ranks as the only French film this year to have been offered a release in more than 100 theaters, Mia and the White Lion will continue its tour of Latin America before heading off to tackle audiences in Oceania.

 Moving on from the Top 3 titles, The Sisters Brothers attracted over 100,000 spectators in Spain, a score that was equaled by Just a Breath Away in Mexico, where the film has achieved its best performance to date in a foreign market. Also in this period, City Hunter got off to a strong start in Taïwan, where it clocked up 12,000 admissions, while Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away registered over 500,000 tickets sold in markets outside France.


Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:05 CEST

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