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International statistics

21 September 2017 à 10:08

French films at the international box office: August 2017

In August, a sci-fi title passed the 25 million admissions mark abroad and an action film made a strong debut in Italy.

This month, a majority-French production, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, registered over 14 million admissions in international theaters.

# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 14,408,382 69,012,147 21,585 37 19,950,366
2 Overdrive 307,686 1,920,099 693 11 717,785
3 130,952 816,182 429 4 290,928
4 Back to Burgundy 127,917 1,029,708 222 6 182,025
5 Amant double 96,387 581,806 135 5 133,568
6 The Midwife 87,852 584,182 198 11 286,038
7 À bras ouverts


382,355 76 3 258,167
8 Two is a Family 70,069 399,477 244 9


9 R.A.I.D. Special Unit 64,847 272,418 115 2 433,367
10 A Bag of Marbles 54,026 364,981 105 5 291,924
11 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 46,775 232,765 197 5 94,537
12 Mr & Mrs Adelman 42,209 191,913 35 2 151,120
13 Fifty Springtimes 39,414 242,497 67 2 80,093
14 Lost in Paris 39,084 234,693 85 10 175,656
15 Jour J 31,212 129,297 6 3 117,584
16 Elle 29,580 274,711 34 3 1,508,607
17 Agnus Dei / The Innocents 28,556 256,109 11 3 675,229
18 Kalinka 27,853 91,186 70 3 190,943
19 Frantz 26,682 107,811 64 9 827,018
20 Heaven Will Wait 23,325 65,630 46 2 79,079

The podium for the top results for French films in August 2017 remains virtually unchanged compared to that of July.

 Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets hit Chinese screens on August 25, where it achieved its most successful international debut to date. A staggering number of prints was released, with the film screened at around 13,000 sites (almost one third of all movie theaters in China!). It garnered 10.9 million spectators and registered €46 million in ticket sales after 10 days. Due to these excellent results, it now ranks as the most popular French film of all time in China, according to UniFrance data. It thus outscores the previous record holder, another Luc Besson film, Lucy, which registered 7.14 million admissions in 2014. Also released in Russia this month, Valerian has attracted considerable attention in Russia, where it pulled in 2.8 million spectators, with 1,565 prints in circulation throughout the CIS, becoming the third most successful French film since perestroika. It is also worth noting the 1.74 million admissions generated by the film in Mexico, as well as its high score in Germany, where it has topped the million admissions mark. In August, Valerian clocked up 14.4 million admissions and €69 million in box office takings, to reach a running total of 25.3 million admissions and €133.4 million to date, proving once again its status as the top performing French film of 2017, even if its results fall short of expectations, considering the ambitions and budget for the production.

 Overdrive retains 2nd place in our monthly charts thanks to its launch in Italy. After a lack of new titles released on Italian screens in the early part of the summer, the supply of films picked up, with Overdrive sitting at number 2 at the box office in August, preceded only by the blockbuster Despicable Me 3. Screened at 259 sites, it pulled in 92,000 spectators and took €608,000 in its opening week, with initial reports on its second week indicating a continuation of this positive momentum. Overdrive also registered €945,000 in the Benelux countries (representing around 123,000 admissions) and showed strong appeal in Russia, where it recorded 212,000 admissions and achieved the 3rd best performance for a French film in Russia this year, behind Valerian and Two is a Family.

 Only a few thousand admissions separate the films at 3rd and 4th place. These films share the fact that they were both released in Germany in August and that they have both achieved their best results abroad to date in this market. 93,000 German moviegoers went out to see (€672,000 in ticket sales), while 102,500 people opted for Back to Burgundy (€804,500). Although their admissions scores are similar, the number of theaters deployed in each case is very different: 306 sites for versus 102 sites for Back to Burgundy. thus had the potential to register a far higher score, while the success of Back to Burgundy prompted its distributors to raise the number of prints in circulation in its second week. And finally, the film at 5th place, Amant double, achieved these strong results thanks largely to its release in Poland in August, where it registered 50,500 admissions and took €220,000, released on 80 screens. This stands out as the best score registered to date for a film by François Ozon in Poland.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:08 CEST

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