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International statistics

19 December 2022 à 12:27

French film at the international box office: November 2022

In November 2022, French cinema was represented in international theaters by over 270 films already distributed and over 140 new releases, registering a total of 2.2 million admissions and generating €15.95 million in ticket sales.

Pil climbed to the top of the monthly charts after attracting 230,000 foreign spectators, and one other title garnered more than 100,000.

# Title Admissions B.O. Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions Total Revenues
1 Pil 230,242 1,018,468 454 8 1,390,549 6,847,884
2 Belle and Sebastian - Next Generation 150,754 754,753 675 4 158,024 832,347
3 Kandisha 83,207 240,714 459 1 180,327 500,300
4 Around the World in 80 Days 81,758 261,087 64 6 1,512,968 8,587,280
5 The New Toy 48,057 483,692 49 2 94,612 955,308
6 Heart of Oak 39,466 142,360 75 5 79,632 344,498
7 Simone: The Journey of the Century 35,854 368,012 54 2 75,757 775,143
8 Mascarade 34,807 399,704 53 2 34,807 399,704
9 Ténor 24,583 224,973 75 3 48,893 409,461
10 Both Sides of the Blade 21,308 111,167 102 9 139,756 991,916
11 November 19,860 173,461 379 5 90,358 786,135
12 Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 19,278 161,002 43 5 1,759,868 14,136,196
13 The Colors of Fire 18,524 169,571 57 4 18,524 169,571
14 The Velvet Queen 17,410 137,545 61 5 255,135 2,094,612
15 King 13,881 46,023 79 3 565,961 1,944,356
16 Vortex 12,586 107,104 83 4 89,145 578,847
17 Hear Me Out 12,120 43,166 35 4 97,164 677,633
18 Les Choses humaines 11,925 76,885 187 8 81,724 546,618
19 The Passengers of the Night 9,848 64,737 74 5 49,522 328,008
20 Reste un peu 9,199 101,849 37 3 9,199 101,849

A relatively stable box office internationally

French cinema attracted 2.2 million spectators and generated €15.7 million in international box office revenues in November. October had the highest number of new releases since the pandemic (205) and in November this indicator dropped more (-28.3%) than the box office (-14.2%). Four films brought together more than 100,000 spectators (PilBelle and Sebastian - Next Generation and the minority-French productions Triangle of Sadness and Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness), and 23 were in distributed in more than five markets each.


Europe consolidated its leadership

Western Europe accounted for slightly more than half of French cinema admissions in theaters in November (55%), a share equivalent to that of the previous month. The central and eastern part of the continent, on the other hand, gained two points and reached 26%. The continent as a whole remained the leading geographical area in terms of the number of tickets sold by French films (80.9%): four out of five spectators were therefore from this region. Unsurprisingly, among the nine countries with more than 100,000 spectators watching French films in theaters (+1 in one month), eight were in this zone: Poland (335,000 admissions) was in first place, ahead of Italy (204,000) and Germany (197,000), previously the leader for five consecutive months. Outside of Europe, the United States, the only territory offering more than 100,000 admissions, fell to fifth place (162,000). The slight overall drop in admissions compared to October was due to the European continent, as all systems were go in other countries. Nevertheless, only North America and Latin America had a market share exceeding five percent.

Comedy was still the most popular genre

 For the fifth time this year, comedy/drama was the leading genre of the month, attracting one million foreign filmgoers, or 43% of the total, boosted by the minority-French film Triangle of Sadness (0.69 million admissions). With the exception of animation and drama, which rounded out the leading pack, all genres attracted more moviegoers than in October. Animation flew high, bolstered by Pil (0.23 million) and the minority-French production Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness (0.1 million), and accounted for 21.3% of monthly admissions. Drama and adventure/police/thriller each nabbed more than a 10% market share, with the minority-French production Close (87,000) and Belle and Sebastian - Next Generation (0.15 million) leading the way respectively. The fantasy Kandisha (83,000), documentary Heart of Oak (39,000), and the biopic Simone: The Journey of the Century (36,000) helped ensure that all three genres were present on the international scene in November.

Majority-French productions shot in the French language still in the lead

The nearly 200 productions initiated by France released in theaters outside the home market generated 50.8% of admissions in November, and gained ground compared to the previous month. Minority-French productions (75) saw their share fall back below 50%. In November, the majority-French productions group lost only 8.9% of its October audience, while the minority group experienced a greater decline (-19.2%). The same was true for language: French-language titles continued to dominate the scene, generating 1.4 million admissions (-0.6%), and their contribution increased to 61.2%, while foreign-language titles lost nearly a third of their audience in one month.

The best performances by French films

Pil is the French film that was most seen in movie theaters abroad in November, after achieving the same performance in June. The film reached third place at the Polish box office during its first two weeks of release and already sold almost 191,000 tickets (M2, €0.79 million in box office revenues), which is its best performance so far in a foreign market. Pil has now set its sights on the 1.5 million mark and has proven to be the second most popular majority-financed French production on international screens this year! A newcomer is just behind, Belle and Sebastian - Next Generation. Shortly after its French release, the adventure film opened in Italy and Poland, the two territories where the recent trilogy had attracted the most moviegoers outside France's borders. While it had a larger print run across the Alps (347) than in Eastern Europe (258), it was in the latter that it generated the most admissions: 90,000 (Forum, €0.35 million) compared to 56,000 (Medusa/Notorious, €0.36 million). Kandisha, which resurfaced in the monthly top 10 for the second time after its ranking in May, was in third place: chosen by 83,000 Mexicans (Tulip, €0.24 million), it once again confirmed the appeal of genre films for local audiences. The great protagonist of the last two years, Around the World in 80 Days remained in the monthly top five, this time supported by its Vietnamese release, which added 60,000 spectators (CJ HK, €0.18 million) to its tally.  Neighboring French-speaking markets ensured solid continuations for Nouveau Jouet and Simone: The Journey of the Century, and welcomed the first launches of Mascarade, all of whose careers will extend into next year. In November, it was Heart of Oak that created a surprise in Hungary: we can already announce that it will have exceeded 30,000 admissions (Mozinet, €0.12 million) by mid-December, at which point it would leave the local top 10 after five weeks of uninterrupted presence! All this translates into the best result of a (mostly) French production of 2022 in Hungary, but also into the third best score achieved by a French documentary in this country since 1995, after Microcosmos (1996, Budapest) and Winged Migration (2002, SPI), each of which brought together more than 60,000 nature enthusiasts. As was the case in October, Both Sides of the Blade and Pil both shared the honor of being the two titles from the top 10 that were exhibited in the largest number of territories.

Both Sides of the BladeBoth Sides of the Blade

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