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International statistics

28 June 2018 à 10:10

French films at the international box office: May 2018

In May, an action film attracted Russian spectators, a biopic arrived in the Chinese market, while a comedy appealed to Spanish and Quebec moviegoers.

 In May, a majority-French production crossed the million spectator threshold in foreign theaters.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Taxi 5 683,422 2,628,428 1,994 20 1,211,801
2 The Young Karl Marx 444,187 2,003,911 67 8 868,543
3 La Ch'tite Famille 185,409 1,188,882 464 6 834,812
4 Revenge 133,179 514,884 612 18 179,652
5 Bright Sunshine In 100,538 694,661 192 9 518,342
6 Based on a True Story 86,694 402,325 243 11 359,284
7 Maria by Callas 81,216 563,859 293 5 152,964
8 Fifty Springtimes 75,847 618,905 186 6 354,619
9 Back to Burgundy 55,068 369,701 78 4 681,062
10 We Are Family 51,970 346,618 228 2 107,839
11 Dr. Knock 50,870 368,982 121 3 162,525
12 C'est la vie! 49,843 253,392 204 7 1,775,706
13 The House by the Sea 44,105 309,325 162 7 190,466
14 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 40,898 226,842 223 9 1,985,675
15 The Sower 40,699 246,551 56 1 43,516
16 Lost in Paris 34,982 218,633 93 3 345,750
17 Les Dents, pipi et au lit 34,302 199,294 219 2 37,597
18 Madame 34,079 135,747 56 5 535,917
19 Just a Breath Away 30 468 137,785 355 7 122,792
20 Montparnasse Bienvenüe 23,306 167,503 70 5 54,526


In May, the admissions generated by majority French productions reached 2.72 million, a slight decrease (-7%) compared to the previous month. The number of titles that attracted more than 100,000 spectators was also lower (5 compared to 8 in April), although, thanks to new releases of Taxi 5, an increase in admissions in Central and Eastern Europe was recorded.

 The first place on the podium remains the same because Taxi 5 held on to its top position this month. In May, 683,000 additional spectators chose to see the action film, which allowed it to pass the million admissions mark abroad! It's the second French title to cross this symbolic threshold since the beginning of the year, after C'est la vie!. The largest part of the monthly result was produced in Russia, where, benefitting from an impressive number of screens (1,235) and despite a staggered release, the film attracted 420,500 movie buffs, after 3 weeks in release (€1.43 million in box office revenues). Although this remains the best score for a French film in Russia since January, it is inferior to those achieved by the previous installments of the saga: in 2007, Taxi 4 hovered around 3 million admissions, while, in 2003, Taxi 3 accumulated 1.26 million. Present in the local top 3 titles during its opening week in several territories, Taxi 5 appealed in particular to 178,500 Ukrainian spectators (€491,500) and 76,500 Bulgarians (€345,000). It also generated €1.27 million in box office revenues in Belgium, which corresponds roughly to 177,000 spectators, and accumulated a total of 79,000 admissions in Indonesia (P.T. Prima). In Romania, where 22,500 tickets were sold for its opening weekend,Taxi 5 recorded the best release for an installment of the action comedy in this territory.

 Although its career started at the beginning of 2017, The Young Karl Marx made its very first appearance in the monthly top 3 rankings, and climbed to second place. As has already happened several times, a release in China can abruptly modify a film's international performance. The biopic by Raoul Peck arrived in Chinese theaters on the occasion of the bicentenary of Karl Marx's birth. Given a premiere screening on May 4 in the presence of Chinese authorities, the film released the following day and generated $300,000 in box office revenues (around 57,000 admissions). In its 2nd and 3rd weeks, The Young Karl Marx produced 3 times more in box office revenues than during its first, which is unusual in the Chinese market, so highly competitive that films are often pulled from screens after their first week. The film was mainly shown in Beijing and during the week, accumulating a total of $2 million and about 450,000 spectators. The German score, previously the highest registered outside France (181,500 admissions, €1.33 million in box office revenues), has now been overtaken by the Chinese.

 The latest title from Dany Boon once again dropped a place in the chart but still remains among the top 3 films. In Quebec, where the director traveled to to promote the film, the launch of La Ch'tite Famille generated CAD$181,500 (around 19,000 admissions) and took it to second place in the local rankings behind Avengers: Infinity War. Apart from Welcome to the Land of Ch'tis, which remains Dany Boon's greatest success in Quebec, (CAD$1.62 million, 204,000 spectators), the opening week figures achieved by La Ch’tite Famille are superior to those of the launches of his other titles. To date, the comedy has accumulated a total of CAD$444,500, representing roughly 47,000 admissions. In Spain, La Ch’tite Famille attracted 63,000 spectators in 222 theaters, a launch below expectations, but which nevertheless remains the second best for a film by  Boon in this country, again trailing Welcome to the Land of Ch'tis (2009, 582,500 admissions and €3.48 million in total box office revenues).

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:10 CEST

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