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International statistics

23 February 2018 à 10:06

French films at the international box office: January 2018

A French comedy got off to a strong start in Spain in January, while a drama captivated audiences in Italy.

This month, a majority-French co-production garnered over 400,000 spectators in international theaters.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 C'est la vie! 417,161 2,634,239 438 22 925,049
2 A Bag of Marbles 128,225 685,445 332 3 543,239
3 The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) 107,668 629,695 943 15 1,459,571
4 Christmas & Co. 106,917 344,313 254 10 706,618
5 Just to Be Sure 99,042 810,043 183 7 270,576
6 Renegades 90,896 815,026 161 2 917,911
7 The Insult 62,852 393,451 117 6 265,706
8 Happy End 48,608 299,958 211 11 364,220
9 Amant double


346,282 129 7 437,260
10 Bright Sunshine In 45,962 348,683 143 6 214,772
11 BPM (Beats Per Minute) 38,576 203,282 142 13 164,981
12 Madame 36,174 247,021 181 10 297,251
13 Some Like It Veiled 34,759 244,630 168 5 132,039
14 Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings 32,517 124,671 332 6 46,557
15 The Young Karl Marx 30,911 135,864 46 4 313,338
16 Faces, Places 27,704 189,218 65 6 172,333
17 Orchestra Class 23,546 164,666 103 3 91,625
18 Frantz 22,718 55,943 49 2 1,001,372
19 My Brilliant Divorce 21,328 183,648 45 2 21,328
20 Fifty Springtimes 17,238 101,519 57 3 216,407

In January, majority-French productions registered 1.7 million admissions outside France, most notably in Western Europe, with 4 titles breaking through the 100,000 spectators mark in this period.

 C'est la vie! has entered our charts for the first time, pushing to the top of the list thanks primarily to excellent performances in Spain and Russia. In Russia, this comedy achieved 150,000 admissions this month (€702,000 in ticket sales). It was released on January 1, which coincided with the start of the Russian winter vacation period, with its distributor gambling on offering audiences a film of a different style at a time of year when local blockbusters, largely aimed at younger audiences, typically dominate Russian screens. The film's strong results have also made it the most successful debut to date for a film by the directing duo Nakache-Toledano in this market.
In Spain, after 7 days on the screens, C'est la vie! tallied 135,000 admissions from 243 theaters (taking €841,000), allowing it to secure 3rd position at the box office! Bolstered no doubt by its favorable reception at the recent San Sebastian International Film Festival (SSIFF), as well as its Goya Award nomination for Best European Film and highly positive word-of-mouth, its release was upped to 266 sites in its second week. By the end of January, C'est la vie! had registered 925,000 spectators from around thirty international markets. The million spectators threshold looks set to be crossed with its launch scheduled for early February in Germany and Italy.

 Another new title has appeared at the top of our charts this month. One year after its release in France, A Bag of Marbles has hit screens in Italy, attracting 128,000 movie-goers in its opening fortnight. After this promising launch, combined with strong word-of-mouth and events organized for Holocaust Memorial Day, its distributor expanded its circulation in its second week, from 169 to 235 screens. This is the film's largest release to date (followed by Spain), and its most successful debut outside France. A Bag of Marbles currently boasts a total of 543,000 admissions in theaters abroad, including 88,000 in Mexico, close to 60,000 in Belgium (€433,000), and around 49,500 in Quebec (CAD$469,500).

 The 4th most successful majority-French production of 2017 (1.25 million admissions abroad), The Jungle Bunch (The Movie) reappears among the Top 3 titles this month, despite encountering a difficult start to 2018 in certain countries. While it is currently seeking to break into new markets, in Spain, for example, it only managed to pull in 28,000 spectators (taking €171,000) in the face of fierce competition from two animated films that have monopolized Spanish screens since December: Coco and Ferdinand. Nonetheless, with its presence in 15 international markets in January, the film's overall admissions score increased by 107,500 spectators.

 Only a few hundred admissions separate this film from Christmas & Co., a major hit from December 2017. The first French film released in Ukrainian theaters in 2018, this comedy has benefited from wide programming (156 sites in its second week), with 82,000 tickets sold in January. Directed by Alain Chabat, it has enjoyed greater success in Ukraine than in neighboring Russia (67,500 admissions), where it was released by the same distributor.

 Three films achieved more than 100,000 admissions in an international market in this period: The Insult in Italy (117,000 admissions), Madame in Germany (114,500 admissions), and Just to Be Sure in Australia (taking AUD$1.32 million). Madame has attracted more spectators in international theaters (301,000) than in France (100,000). And, continuing its international run, Frantz has passed the 1 million admissions mark abroad!

 A minority-French co-production deserves a special mention this month. Call Me by Your Name, a co-production between Italy and France (La Cinéfacture), has been nominated for 4 Oscars, including in the Best Film category. This film has already registered 1.53 million admissions in 30 markets around the world, including over 100,000 movie-goers in Australia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. In the USA, Call Me by Your Name has taken $11.9 million in ticket sales, representing 1.38 million admissions.

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:06 CEST

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