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International statistics

01 May 2019 à 10:06

French films at the box office: March 2019

In March, a French animation triumphed in Germany, while an adventure film continued its successful international run, and a comedy proved a hit with audiences in Italy and Quebec.

This month, three French productions each attracted over 500,000 spectators in theaters outside France.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion 579,864 4,004,437 1,313 18 2,749,250
2 Mia and the White Lion 547,644 2,398,897 1,661 27 2,978,428
3 Serial Bad Weddings 2 524,906 3,411,926 775 13 860,970
4 Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away 294,241 1,704,212 1,277 12 348,531
5 Climax 101,701 724,254 243 9 458,086
6 The Summer House 92,822 567,327 162 3 95,776
7 Belleville Cop 90,077 371,130 566 4 343,619
8 The Sisters Brothers 73,932 596,273 324 9 615,765
9 The Mustang 45,432 362,447 39 2 45,432
10 The Mystery of Henri Pick 31,633 278,423 40 2 31,633
11 All Inclusive 31,059 233,506 35 2 65,393
12 A Man in a Hurry 28,867 173,281 121 4 121,016
13 Sink or Swim 27,205 168,764 49 6 618,655
14 Tall Tales from the Magical Garden of Antoon Krings 26,542 168,061 428 2 335,998
15 Ailo's Journey 22,426 152,833 310 9 149,542
16 Promise at Dawn 19,565 114,707 78 4 200,904
17 The Night Eats the World 19,203 54,322 56 2 109,045
18 In Your Hands 17,828 115,576 58 6 122,331
19 Maya 17,414 104,421 44 1 17,414
20 The Wolf's Call 16,103 126,000 26 2 25,911

In the month of March, French films registered 3.98 million admissions in foreign theaters (€24.6 million in ticket sales), with majority-French co-productions accounting for 73.9% of results (2.94 million tickets sold for a total of €17.8 million). These figures highlight both a slight upturn compared to the results of February 2019 (up 3.1%) and a slowdown in the market compared to the results of March 2018 (down 18.8%, including a drop of 6% for majority-French co-productions). The top three titles this month were the same as in February, but their order changed: Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion is now ahead of Mia and the White Lion, while Serial Bad Weddings 2 retained third place. Western Europe remained the leading export destination for French productions, with the number of countries registering more than 1 million admissions for French films increasing to four: as well as Italy, Germany, the USA, English-speaking Canada, and Poland featured in March.

 Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion was the top achiever of the month, winning over 580,000 moviegoers in eighteen territories, for a total of 2.75 million admissions outside France (€14.3 in box office revenues). This film stands out as the highest scoring film in its opening week in the three German-speaking markets where it was released mid-March. Its widest release was in Germany (527 theaters)—incidentally, Germany was the only one of the three markets in which the film's launch was less successful than that of Asterix - The Mansion of the Gods—while the highest attendance level per print was credited to Austria (410 admissions). To date, the latest adventures of Asterix have amassed 248,000 admissions in Germany, 54,000 in Austria, and 12,000 in German-speaking Switzerland. Astérix: The Secret of the Magic Potion will soon be released in markets in Oceania and Scandinavia.

 Second place in our charts goes to Mia and the White Lion. This adventure film hit Mexican screens late February, released in over 500 sites, and after five weeks garnered 310,000 spectators (which can be added to the 35,000 admissions registered in seven other Central American countries). This film by Gilles de Maistre is demonstrating its staying power, notably in Germany and Poland, where it has registered, respectively, 533,000 and 444,000 admissions (€3.67 million and €1.82 million). Mia and the White Lion is coming close to achieving 3 million ticket sales abroad (€15.5 million) in around forty territories, and ranks as one of the most successful French titles in markets outside France in 2019. These results can also be credited to outstanding results in Italy (908,000 admissions and €5.66 million). The film is currently pursuing its international career in markets including Spain, Quebec, and Russia.

 As in February, Serial Bad Weddings 2 took third place on our podium, with its monthly score showing a hike of 56.7%. In March, Philippe de Chauveron's film debuted in Italy (193,000 admissions and €1.2 million) as well as several Eastern European countries (48,000 admissions in the Czech Republic, 23,000 in Hungary, and 15,000 in Romania). Even if this comedy has not been as popular with audiences in these markest as its first installment, this was not the case in Slovakia in March (39,000 admissions) and Quebec. In Quebec, it has registered the best opening score for a French film in 2019 and, after three weeks in theaters, ranked among the top five films of the week, registering CAD$776,500 (representing around 82,000 admissions). Serial Bad Weddings 2 is scheduled for release in upcoming weeks in Germany and Greece.

 In addition to the top three films, we can also note the success of Minuscule - Mandibles from Far Away, which attracted 144,000 spectators in Poland (€621,000) and 78,500 spectators in Germany (€502,500). While the results of this film up until now are not as high as those of the first episode in the series, this title nonetheless stands out as the most popular French film so far in 2019 in Norway (19,500 admissions), Sweden (11,000 admissions), and Denmark (4,500 admissions).

Author : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 13 May 2020 à 10:06 CEST

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