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Portraits (3)Olivier Hussenot

Olivier Hussenot

Activities : Actor, Screenwriter
Date of Birth : 10/09/1913
Date of decease : 25/08/1978

Portraits (3)

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (37 films)

Fire's ShareFire's Share (1977)

Director : Etienne Périer
Actors : Michel Piccoli, Claudia Cardinale, Jacques Perrin, Philippe Lejour, Rufus...
Associate production company : Les Films de la Tour, Films 66
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : La Part du Feu is a French idiom, and has to do with making a sacrifice for some gain. Hansen (Michel Piccoli) is a wheeler-dealer and building developer, who apparently manipulates people and situations just for the joy of it. In...
Le Sourire verticalLe Sourire vertical (1973)

Director : Robert Lapoujade
Actors : Françoise Brion, François Perrot, Henri Serre, Olivier Hussenot, Jean-Pierre Mocky...
Associate production company : TV Cinéma
Genres : Fiction, Experimental
A Cloud in the TeethA Cloud in the Teeth (1973)

Director : Marco Pico
Actors : Pierre Richard, Philippe Noiret, Claude Piéplu, Jacques Denis, Michel Peyrelon...
Associate production company : Les Productions de la Guéville, United Artists
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Malisard and Prevot (Philippe Noiret and Pierre Richard) are a journalistic team. Their job is to ride around in a city full of burning buildings, thieves and bomb explosions looking for scoops and headline grabbers suitable for...
Pas folle la guêpePas folle la guêpe (1972)

Director : Jean Delannoy
Actors : Françoise Rosay, Anny Duperey, Daniel Ceccaldi, Philippe Clay, Bruno Pradal...
Associate production company : Fides, Filmsonor Marceau
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : The wealthy old lady (Françoise Rosay) in this French comic crime caper is largely unaware of the machinations of her servants and relatives to arrange to be the beneficiaries of her will. She is completely in the dark about their...
A Murder Is a Murder... Is a MurderA Murder Is a Murder... Is a Murder (1972)

Director : Etienne Périer
Actors : Jean-Claude Brialy, Robert Hossein, Michel Serrault, Claude Chabrol, Philippe Lejour...
Associate production company : Les Films de l'Epée, Planfilm
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Paul (Jean-Claude Brialy) is a decent man in an ugly situation. His wife (Stephane Audran), who was crippled in their second year of marriage, has become a bitter and unpleasant virago. Though he keeps company with a lovely...

Director : René Gilson
Actors : Olivier Hussenot, Juliet Berto, André Thorent
Associate production company : Capitole Films
Genres : Fiction

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