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International statistics

15 November 2022 à 14:20

French films at the international box office: October 2022

In October 2022, French cinema was represented in theaters abroad by over 290 films already distributed and over 200 new releases, registering a total of 2.6 million admissions and generating €19.3 million in ticket sales.

  King passe en tête en réunissant 146 000 spectateurs étrangers, et 1 autre en mobilise plus de 100 000.
# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions Total Revenues (€)
1 King 146,758 447,486 247 3 550,523 1,895,194
2 Around the World in 80 Days 120,195 499,971 342 4 1,425,357 8,314,768
3 November 68,456 585,193 483 5 68,456 585,193
4 Superwho? 59,809 190,244 337 7 224,585 1,381,850
5 Pil 51,403 289,456 233 12 1,086,915 5,159,863
6 The New Toy 44,260 446,229 51 2 44,260 446,229
7 Rise 42,303 317,386 383 8 189,958 1,634,962
8 Serial (Bad) Weddings 3 41,087 355,371 212 6 1,732,873 13,922,860
9 Both Sides of the Blade 36,909 207,658 178 10 118,807 884,325
10 Simone: The Journey of the Century 36,903 380,387 69 2 36,903 380,387
11 Heart of Oak 30,607 98,154 105 1 37,031 172,354
12 La Dégustation 29,792 253,398 120 4 35,027 307,588
13 Maigret 29,469 189,536 95 4 316,392 2,028,099
14 The Passengers of the Night 24,805 156,517 231 5 39,410 260,072
15 Jack Mimoun and the Secrets of Val Verde 24,390 264,110 46 2 24,390 264,110
16 The Night of the 12th 24,276 174,008 98 4 48,981 378,530
17 Little Nicholas - Happy as Can Be 20,554 135,929 407 3 20,554 135,929
18 The Kitchen Brigade 19,106 149,032 72 5 91,479 711,214
19 Jumeaux mais pas trop 15,709 173,892 32 2 15,709 173,892
20 Between Two Worlds 14,783 124,608 83 6 163,406 1,176,362

French box office figures rose sharply in international markets

French cinema garnered 2.6 million spectators in theaters outside France in October, generating €19.3 million in ticket sales. The threshold of 2.5 million admissions was thus crossed for the fourth time in 2022, and this month's figure is the highest monthly score since April (2.93 million). This spectacular 73% hike in box office takings is mainly credited to productions minority-produced by France, notably the Palme d'Or winner Triangle of Sadness, which is enjoying outstanding success in theaters (942,000 admissions, excluding France and Sweden). As regards films majority-produced by France, they attracted as many moviegoers as in September, with only two titles registering more than 100,000 admissions, against four titles last month.

Europe strengthens its leadership

 Western Europe captured a little over half of all admissions to French films in theaters in October (55.4%) and secured a slightly lower market share than in September. Central and Eastern Europe, on the other hand, gained 4 points to take a 24% share. As a whole, the Old Continent remains the leading geographic region in terms of ticket sales for French films (79.4%!): four-fifths of spectators thus come from this region. Unsurprisingly, among the eight countries to register over 100,000 admissions to French productions (up 3% in one month), 7 are located in this region: Germany (342,000 admissions) stood at the top of markets for French films for the fifth consecutive month, ahead of Belgium & Luxembourg (267,000), Poland (179,000), and Russia (173,000). Outside Europe, the only territory to have registered over 100,000 admissions, or even more than 50,000, was the USA, taking second place in our charts (296,000 admissions), bolstered by the minority-French production Our Ties ($2.62 million, for around 286,000 spectators). As a result, a market share of over 10% of total admissions to French films is attributed to Northern America alone, and over 5% to Latin America alone.

Comedy is once again the most popular genre

 For the fourth time this year, dramatic comedies were the leading genre, attracting 1.4 million moviegoers abroad, representing 53.6% of all admissions, boosted by the success of the minority-French film Our Ties! With the exception of documentaries and dramas, all other genres showed higher audience numbers than in September. Animations and adventure/crime/thrillers each accounted for 10% of the market with, respectively, Around the World in 80 Days (120,000 admissions) and King (146,000) leading the pack, while the minority sci-fi production Vesper Seeds (130,000) and the biopics Simone: The Journey of the Century (37,000) and Corsage (minority production, 33,000) brought new life to these genres on the international chessboard in October.

Minority-French productions and French-language films lead the show

The 79 films minority-financed by France released in theaters generated 52.2% of admissions registered in October, gaining almost 37 percentage points over last month, in particular thanks to the performance of Our Ties and Vesper Seeds. Majority-French productions (212) saw their market share fall back once again, slipping below 50% for the first time in 2022 due to the greater success of minority productions. These productions nonetheless generated an increase of 1.8% of admissions compared to September, buoyed by the success of two ambassador titles that each accounted for over 100,000 admissions (King and Around the World in 80 Days). French-language films continued to dominate the scene, amassing 1.4 million admissions (up 2.2%), although their market share fell from 90% to 53% in one month, impacted by the successful performance of the two abovementioned minority foreign-language productions.


Top French performers

King was the most-seen film on the wide screen outside France in October, a feat achieved for the first time this month. This film was has been a surprise hit in Poland, where it registered total of 233,000 admissions (M2, €750,000 in ticket sales). It attracted 63,000 moviegoers young and old in its fourth week on the screens, and the same week rose to 4th place in the Polish weekly charts—doubling its opening week score! This triumphant run in Poland, with the highest spectator numbers registered in any foreign market worldwide, allows King to cross the 500,000 admissions mark outside France and to rank as the third best performing French title so far this year in this territory. By late October, it was still showing in around 100 theaters around the country. The top title of 2020, Around the World in 80 Days, is far from terminating its international career. Launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia & Montenegro on September 23, it is enjoying a triumphant ongoing run, registering a total of 83,000 admissions in the three former Yugoslavian republics (Blitz, €270,000), thus ranking as the most successful French title in 2022. Released the same day in Spain, Around the World in 80 Days has pulled in 88,000 spectators of all ages (Flins & Piniculas, €490,000). Three majority-French productions made their debuts in our monthly Top 10, including November in 3rd place after winning over 25,000 Belgian moviegoers (Athena, €220,000) and 17,000 Russian spectators (Global, €100,000). the two other titles, The New Toy and Simone: The Journey of the Century, which hit screens in France's neighboring French-language markets at the same time as in the home market. In its second week in Belgian theaters, the remake of Jouet by Francis Veber saw its attendance figures rise by 43% to reach 37,000 admissions (Sony, €350,000). South-American audiences welcomed the arrival of Superwho? (BF), which brought the action-comedy genres back to screens on the continent. While it was in Peru that the film attracted the highest spectator numbers (28,000, for €70,000), proportionally, it was in Bolivia that it proved a major hit (12,000 for €42,000), standing out as the third majority-French drama production to clock up over 10,000 admissions since Unifrance started following box office results in this territory (2014). To conclude, Both Sides of the Blade and Pil share the achievement of being distributed in over 10 international markets in this period.


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This report is based on results recorded on November 10, 2022. Since our statistics for film releases are continuously being updated, the graphics generated automatically on our website will differ from the chart featured in this article.

Contact : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 20 November 2022 à 14:20 CET


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