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International statistics

15 December 2021 à 15:54

French films at the international box office: November 2021

Despite the current challenges faced by international markets, in November 2021 over 230 French productions hit movie screens abroad, generating 1.22 million admissions and €7.82 million in ticket sales.

The Wolf and the Lion was the film that was most seen in theaters in November 2021, with one other title, Eiffel, also attracting more than 100,000 spectators outside France.

# Title Admissions Box Office Revenues (€) No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 The Wolf and the Lion 326,453 1 642 198 704 10 394,947
2 Eiffel 105,191 776 869 615 10 259,353
3 Aline, the Voice of Love 88,059 707 689 424 8 88,059
4 Pil 72,490 220 744 853 2 75,771
5 Petite Maman 48,167 369 517 171 6 102,029
6 Annette 43,837 265 629 276 11 276,419
7 Happening 30,994 187 859 69 2 30,994
8 Titane 25,675 224,003 196 14 335,993
9 Délicieux 24,790 179,559 145 2 84,524
10 Benedetta 19,881 149,359 126 8 125,112
11 My Son 15,495 62,396 215 6 151,478
12 Around the World in 80 Days 15,045 148,607 228 8 618,174
13 Little Nicholas' Treasure 11,273 104,071 53 2 26,175
14 The Rose Maker 9,381 60,654 84 6 144,177
15 #Iamhere 8,927 30,710 73 3 77,611
16 Paris, 13th District 8,755 79,802 55 3 8,755
17 Black Box 7,949 65,171 33 5 59,031
18 Bergman Island 7,841 58,985 103 8 31,233
19 Lost Illusions 7,464 79,898 26 3 16,329
20 Perfumes 6,404 23,387 37 4 122,807

While Europe is in the grip of a new wave of the pandemic, the appearance of a new variant is pushing governments to tighten up the measures in force, which, needless to say, have had an impact on movie theaters. The countries that have made the most drastic changes, i.e. the national closure of cinemas, are Austria and Slovakia. In The Netherlands, cinemas cannot operate after 5 pm. The wearing of masks in cinemas is once again compulsory in Belgium and Hungary. Only spectators with a health pass proving double vaccination can go to theaters in Catalonia and Croatia. In Romania, in addition to the two above-mentioned measures, seating capacity has been reduced to 30%, while Germany is further restricting admission to theaters according to the "2G plus" plan (access reserved for vaccinated spectators also in possession of a negative rapid test). The approach across the world differs widely: Colombian and South Korean exhibitors require spectators to present a double vaccination pass, as do cinema operators in Los Angeles. On the other hand, cinemas in Auckland, New Zealand, which have been closed since mid-August, can finally reopen to the public. Overall attendance has been strained by the new restrictions, and the month of December, which was eagerly awaited to replenish the box office during the holiday season, has not got underway as expected.

Audience figures for French cinema dropped by 29% compared to October, but more than one million admissions were registered, and this for the sixth time in 2021. The number of films exhibited increased significantly; however, the number of releases and the average number of viewers per title fell slightly. The impact of the new restrictions announced above is already visible. The market share of minority-French productions, the main protagonists of the first half of 2021, represented in November in particular by The Worst Person in the World and The Father, was further reduced in favor of majority-French productions, which accounted for 84% of admissions generated by French films. In terms of spoken language, the success of The Wolf and the Lion saw the share of foreign-language productions soar to 45% of the monthly score. The erosion of French-language productions continued: their contribution dropped from three out of four admissions in September to two out of three in October, then to one out of two in November.


The top three titles included two films that each attracted more than 100,000 moviegoers, one of which attracted more than 300,000! Majority-French productions lost ground and posted results below those of October: 13 attracted more than 10,000 spectators (-10), nine more than 20,000 (-5), four more than 50,000 (-2) and two more than 100,000 (-1). Nevertheless, these figures are in keeping with those recorded in August and the films attracted more spectators than during the first seven months of 2021.

The breakdown by genre continued changing. Adventure/thrillers were the leading genre, accounting for nearly one in three international admissions for French cinema in November. Drama and comedy maintained their place on the podium, each attracting more than 20% of monthly viewers. With the exception of biopics/war/history, the market share of the other genres was below 10%.

The Wolf and the Lion was hands down the top film of November. Highly awaited after the worldwide success of Mia and the White Lion and its 4.52 million admissions outside France, Gilles de Maistre's latest film launched in 10 markets and claimed a place in the top five rankings in SpainSlovakia, and the Czech Republic during its opening week. It even moved to second place in Lithuania and Poland. It has already sold more than 100,000 tickets in Spain (130,000) and Poland (123,000), and has become the most popular French production of 2021 in many Eastern European countries.

  • Eiffel made its first appearance on the podium with 35,000 tickets in Spain and 31,000 in Germany, as well as 69,000 spectators in Oceania, and 62,000 in Benelux.
  • Aline, the Voice of Love benefitted from the third largest release reserved for a French film in Quebec since 1995 (90 theaters) and took third place at the local box office thanks to nearly 30,000 admissions during its opening week .
  • Pil confirmed once again Russian moviegoers' interest in French animation (72,000 admissions).
  • British and Irish spectators renewed their passion for French auteur films by giving a warm welcome to Petite Maman (30,000 admissions).
  • As many Italians came out to see Happening: the film began its career in Italy, where it was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and reached 10th place in the local rankings.
  • Annette, Benedetta, and Titane continued to appeal to foreign filmgoers, and Délicieux managed to attract 24,000 Germans despite the restrictions currently in force in the country.

--> This report can be downloaded in PDF format below
(French version only).

This report is based on results recorded on December 8, 2021. Since our statistics for film releases are continuously being updated, the graphics generated automatically on our website will differ from the chart featured in this article.

Contact : Andrea Sponchiado

Latest update : 16 December 2021 à 15:54 CET



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