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Cactus Films
134, avenue Parmentier
75011 Paris
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Bruno Debrandt

Activities : Actor, Executive Producer, Voice-over, Associate
Represented by : Talentbox
Agent : Christelle Michelet


Cactus Films : Associate

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (9 films)

GlissièreGlissière (2015)

Director : Jean-Michel Fête
Actors : Bruno Debrandt, Carolina Jurzcak, Paloma Fête-Jawad, Rong-Ying Yang, Rémi Yen...
Associate production company : Orok Films
Genres : Fiction
The ParakeetsThe Parakeets (2013)

Director : Julie Voisin
Actors : Marie Kremer, Julie Voisin, Bruno Debrandt, Mathieu Simonet, Dridi Helmi
Associate production company : Les Films de Jules
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Lili, a seriously sick young woman, is confronted one morning with the loss of her hair. Not bearing herself with a hospital wig, she is incapable to get out of her house. Her friend, Laura, proposes to her a radical solution: to...
The Yellow Eyes of the CrocodilesThe Yellow Eyes of the Crocodiles (2012)

Director : Cécile Telerman
Actors : Emmanuelle Béart, Julie Depardieu, Karole Rocher, Jacques Weber, Édith Scob...
Associate production company : Les Films Manuel Munz
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Two sisters who have nothing in common. Josephine, an historian who specializes in the 18th century and who is challenged by contemporary life, and the outrageously beautiful Iris, who leads the futile life of a wealthy Parisian. ...
Deep EndDeep End (2011)

Director : Tom Gargonne
Actors : Aurélien Recoing, Bruno Debrandt, Isabelle Jeanbrau, Zoé Lacombe, Alain Raymond...
Associate production company : Cactus Films
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : The Deep End is a fable of anticipation which, thanks to an innovative processing, allows the movie to come out of the screen and to invade the projection room. Here, the world of the work is transposed into that of sport. André...
Armed HandsArmed Hands (2011)

Director : Pierre Jolivet
Actors : Roschdy Zem, Leïla Bekhti, Marc Lavoine, Nicolas Bridet, Adrien Jolivet...
Associate production company : 2.4.7. Films (247films)
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Lucas is 46 years old. A great cop, head of the weapons' trafficking squad in Marseilles. Maya is 25 years old. She's a young, drug squad cop in Paris. As often happens, weapons and drugs cross paths. And Lucas will cross paths...
Homo-batignolusHomo-batignolus (2006)

Director : Anne Sarkissian
Actors : Bruno Debrandt, Sacha Sarkissian
Associate production company : Bagan Films
Genres : Fiction

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