Zurich Film Festival

TypeFeature film festival

ThemeAll films


PeriodSeptember, October

Zurich Film Festival

    Event presentation

    The Zurich Film Festival was successfully launched in October 2005. The up-and-coming Film Festival brings big names and new talents to Zurich and celebrates the most exciting international productions over the course of 10 days. The official competition at the Zurich Film Festival centers on new talents, providing a platform for promising directors presenting their first, second and third full length features. The Golden Eyes will be awarded in three categories, which will be evaluated by three separate juries: The International feature film competition, the Documentary film competition and (since 2009) the German speaking film competition.

    For feature films only

    The programmer watches the French films offered at UniFrancei in June. 


    Contact UniFrance: Jean-Christophe Baubiat


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