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International statistics

17 December 2012 à 15:40

French films at the international box office: November 2012

A string of French majority films achieved success in foreign theaters in the month of November.

Rank Title Admissions B.O. Revenues No. of Prints No. of Countries Total Admissions
1 Taken 2 2,677,787 16,467,944 5,986 49 46,115,280
2 The Intouchables 736,945 6,744,213 752 15 29,494,392
3 Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia 666,428 5,021,454 1,947 15 2,589,537
4 Love 310,275 2,272,729 346 11 849,081
5 In the House 270,476 2,071,869 367 8 374,390
6 Rust & Bone 119,321 850,704 135 6 472,430
7 A Monster in Paris 113,619 515,421 301 3 1,319,905
8 Fly me to the moon 102,434 739,401 331 3 152,035
9 Capital 92,563 729,834 105 3 92,563
10 The Other Son 65,518 404,101 53 1 132,782
11 The Chef 50,450 381,887 158 4 578,835
12 Holy Motors 49,241 341,942 73 9 167,483
13 What's in a Name 40,457 303,633 66 5 780,518
14 Stars 80 29,097 243,843 36 2 69,176
15 All Together 27,220 142,847 59 4 756,479
16 Paris-Manhattan 23,457 137,242 47 4 112,899
17 The Minister 21,970 52,848 22 2 64,043
18 Where Do We Go Now? 21,352 94,020 14 3 771,236
19 Thérèse Desqueyroux 21,211 167,029 45 3 21,316
20 On the Road 20,488 182,849 55 5 838,329

While the French-language film Taken 2 is completing its run in a large number of foreign markets, (enabling it to add 2.7 millions admissions to its overall score), 7 French-language films each attracted more than 100,000 spectators in November (see the Top 20 chart above).

French-language films' share of admissions remained stable compared to last month, representing 47.4% of total attendance results. French majority productions' share, on the other hand, dropped from 90% to 76%, with good performances in theaters abroad from Silent Hill: Revelation (3D), Sammy 2, and Upside Down.

The Intouchables was credited with a total of 29.5 million admissions at the end of November, and looks set to top 30 million before the year is out.

The film's release in Scandinavian markets has been triumphant. In a region where audiences are known for their taste for more cutting edge films, French comedies are few and far between. The Intouchables succeeded in attracting 205,000 spectators in Denmark in just three weeks, ranking as the best performance by a French film since the early 2000s, ahead of Amelie, the previous record holder with 149,000 admissions. In Norway, it pulled in 76,000 admissions in 4 weeks and should cross the 100,000 admissions threshold in December. This is a feat that only 4 French-language films have achieved since the early 2000s: Amelie (163,000 admissions), the Emperor's Journey (143,000), and Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (140,000). Although it registered good results in its opening week in Finland, with 10,000 admissions from 49 prints (15,000 admissions all up including preview screenings), it is not likely to reach record-breaking heights in this market by the end of its run.

Released a little earlier in Sweden (September 9, 2012), it is credited with 332,000 admissions after 9 weeks, making it the second most successful French film of all time in this country after Amelie (350,000 admissions).

On the other side of the planet, its performance in Australia (397,000 admissions) is exceptional for a French comedy, although it will not oust the current record held by Amelie (763,000 admissions). In New Zealand (77,000 admissions), it became in December the top performing French-language film since the early 2000s, outstripping Coco Before Chanel and its 80,000 admissions score.

Programmed for a late release in Venezuela (mid-October), it has proved a major popular success, with 135,000 spectators registered and posting the best results for a French-language film ever recorded in this country according to uniFrance Films records.

Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia pursues its international conquest. Russian audiences have so far proved the most enthusiastic followers, with close to 880,000 moviegoers flocking to theaters in 5 weeks.

In Germany, the film has topped 300,000 admissions, with only marginal success in this market after 8 weeks on the screens.

Attendance in Belgium has reached 286,000 after 7 weeks, ranking as the best results for a French film released in 2012. The results for this 4th installment in the Asterix series are nonetheless lower than previous episodes, which all achieved over 600,000 admissions.

With 128,000 admissions in Turkey, it boasts the highest score for a majority French film released in 2012.

It has crossed the 100,000 admissions mark in Portugal, scoring the 3rd best performance for a French film this year, behind Taken 2 (154,000 admissions) and The Intouchables (215,000).

Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia now totals 2.6 million admissions in international theaters.

Love continues its European run with resounding success. Now on screens for three weeks in the Netherlands, it has garnered 70,000 spectators. This ranks as the 3rd best performance for a French-language film in 2012, only slightly lower than the score of Astérix et Obélix au service de sa majesté (74,000 admissions).

In Italy (170,000 admissions), Love has outscored What's in a Name? (Eagle - 162,000 admissions) earning it the 4th best score for a French film in this market in 2012, behind Taken 2 (337,000 admissions), Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (457,000) and The Intouchables (2.5 million). By way of comparison, The White Ribbon registered 118,000 admissions in Italy back in 2009.

In Germany, it has reached 235,000 admissions, a similar performance to that of Of Gods and Men (260,000 admissions) after 30 weeks in this market.

Love currently posts a running total of 850,000 spectators abroad.

In the House has charmed Spanish audiences, with 175,000 admissions registered in 5 weeks. It is the 7th French film released in 2012 to have attracted over 100,000 spectators, along with the following titles: the Intouchables (2.5 million admissions), Taken 2 (583,000), Delicacy (185,000), Service Entrance (182,000), The Snows of Kilimanjaro (144,000), and What's in a Name? (138,000). These successful results were achieved in spite of a significant decline in overall movie attendance figures in Spain in 2012.

In the course of 2013, it will be release in the USA, the UK, Australia, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, and Taiwan.

Dans la maison has attracted a total of 375,000 admissions to date in international theaters.

Author : Matthieu Thibaudault

Latest update : 21 December 2012 à 15:40 CET

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