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28 September 2006 à 16:30

Festa Internazionale di Roma

The very first RomeFilmFest will kick off from October 13 through 21, 2006.

With a budget of over 10 million euros, the RomeFilmFest has high ambitions: four theaters and conference halls will offer film screenings and discussions, with over 90 fiction films and documentaries from all over the globe showcased in and out of competition. Among other celebrities at the event, Monica Bellucci and Daniel Auteuil will present the French co-production “N: Napoleon and Me” (Medusa Film and M6). Other French films in the Official Competition include “Gardens in Autumn” by Otar Iosseliani starring Michel Piccoli, “The Colonel” by Laurent Herbiet, and “Armenia” by Robert Guédiguian.
At the festival closing ceremony, three official grand prizes (for Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Actress) will be presented by a People’s Jury composed of 50 participants selected from festivalgoers, with the Italian filmmaker Ettore Scola as their president.

The following French films will be showcased at the event :

Premieres Section (Official Screenings):
"Le Concile de Pierre" ("The Stone Council") by Guillaume Nicloux/France, Italy, Germany
“Napoleon and Me” by Paolo Virzì/Italy, France, Spain
“La Sconosciuta” (“The Unknown”) by Giuseppe Tornatore/Italy, France

Cinema 2006 Section (Official Screenings):
In Competition:
“Cages” by Olivier Masset-Depasse/Belgium, France
“The Legacy) by Gela Babluani/Georgia, France
"Gardens in Autumn" by Otar Iosseliani/France, Italy, Russia
"The Colonel" by Laurent Herbiet/France, Belgium
“Armenia” by Robert Guédiguian/ France

Out of Competition:
“Ambitious” by Catherine Corsini
“Nos jours heureux” (“Those Happy Days”) by Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache

Alice in the City Section:
“Le Temps des porte-plumes” (“A Year in My Life”) by Daniel Duval
“Je m’appelle Elisabeth” ("Call Me Elisabeth") by Jean-Pierre Améris
“Les Aiguilles rouges” ("Red Needles") by Jean-François Davy
"Azur et Asnar" by Michel Ocelot

Special Events, Extra Section (Official Screenings):
“American Vertigo” by Michko Netchak
“Le Dernier Caravansérail” (“The Last Caravanserail”) by Ariane Mnouchkine, Théâtre du Soleil
“La Faute à Fidel” ("Blame It On Fidel") by Julie Gavras/France, Italy
"Héros Fragiles" ("The Conspiracy") by Emilio Pacull/France, Chile
"Ritorni" by Giovanna Taviani/Italy, France

Complete Festival Selection:
Premieres Section – Official Screenings – Sala Santa Cecilia
"Alatriste" by Agustín Díaz Yanes/Spain
"Le Concile de Pierre" ("The Stone Council") by Guillaume Nicloux/France, Italy, Germany
"Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus" by Steven Shainberg/USA
"The Hoax" by Lasse Hallström/USA
"N: Napoleon and Me” (“Io e Napoleone”) by Paolo Virzì/Italy, France, Spain
"The Namesake" by Mira Nair/USA
"The Prestige" by Christopher Nolan/USA "La Sconosciuta" (“The Unknown”) by Giuseppe Tornatore/Italy, France
"Uno su due" by Eugenio Cappuccio/Italy

Cinema 2006 Section: Competition and Out of Competition – Official Screenings – Sala Sinopoli

In Competition:

"A Casa Nostra" by Francesca Comencini/Italy
"Acumu tantei" (“Nightmare Detective”) by Shinya Tsukamoto/Japan
"L'aria salata" by Alessandro Angelici/Italy
"Bes Vakit" (“Times and Winds”) by Reha Erdem/Turkey
"Cages" by Olivier Masset-Depasse/Belgium, France
"Chand rooz ba'd…" (A Few Days Later…”) by Niki Karimi/Iran
"Fu Zi "(“After This Our Exile”) by Patrick Tam Hong-Kong
"L'Héritage" (“The Legacy”) by Temur and Gela Babluani/Georgia, France
"Izobrajaya zhertvy" (“Playing the Victim”) by Kirill Serebrennikov/Russia
"Jardins en automne" (“Gardens in Autumn”) by Otar Iosseliani/France, Italy, Russia
"Mon Colonel" (“The Colonel”) by Laurent Herbiet/France, Belgium
"Nacido y criado" (“Born and Bred”) by Pablo Trapero/Argentina, Italy, UK
"La strada di Levi" (“Primo Levi's Journey”) by Davide Ferrario/Italy
"This Is England" by Shane Meadows/UK
"Le voyage en Arménie" (“Armenia”) by Robert Guédiguian/France
"Wu Qingyuan" (“The Go Master”) by Tian Zhuangzhuang/China

Out of Competition:

"Les Ambitieux" (“Ambitious”) by Catherine Corsini/France
"Efter brylluppet" (“After the Wedding”) by Suae Bier/Denmark
"Offset" by Didi Danquart/Germany

Special Events:

"The Departed" by Martin Scorsese/USA
"Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" by Larry Charles/USA
"Nos jours heureux" (“Those Happy Days”) by Éric Toledano, Olivier Nakache/France
"L'uomo della carità Don Luigi Di Liegro" by Alessandro De Robilant/Italy
"Viaggio Segreto" by Roberto Andò/Italy

New Cinema Network – Europa, in collaboration with the TriBeCa Film Festival – Official Screenings at the Metropolitan

"Blóðbönd" (“Thicker Than Water”) by Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson/Iceand, Denmark, Germany
"Gas" by Luciano Melchionna/Italy
"Kontakt" by Sergej Stanojkovski/Germany, Republic of Macedonia
"Mirrormask" by Dave McKean/USA
"New York Waiting" by Joachim Hedén/Sweden
"Pingpong" by Matthias Luthardt/Germany
"Teraz ja" (“It's Me Now”) by Anna Jadowska/Poland
"Trece entre mil" (“Thirteen Among a ThoUSAnd”) by Iñaki Arteta/Spain
"Valse Wals" (“False Waltz”) by Mark De Cloe/Netherlands
"Il vento fa il suo giro" (“The Wind Blows Round”) by Giorgio Diritti/Italy
"Vida y color" (“Life is Color”) by Santiago Tabernero/Spain

Extra Section – Official Screenings, Sala Petrassi and the Teatro Studio at the Auditorium

"Ala Verde Ala Pobre" (“Halflife”) by Briccio Santos/Philippines
"American Vertigo" by Michko Netchak/France
"Awesome: I Fuckin' Shot That!" by Adam Yauch a.k.a. Nathaniel Hörnblowér/USA
"Black Gold" by Marc Francis, Nick Francis/UK
"Il bravo gatto prende I topi" (“The Wise Cat Catches Mice”) by Francesca Conversano, Nene Griffagnini/Italy
"The Bridge" by Eric Steel/USA
"Cashback" by Sean Ellis/UK
"Checosamanca" (collective)/Italy
"Dear Anne" by Dario Picciau/Italy
"Deep Water" by Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell/UK
"Le Dernier Caravansérail (Odysseys)” (“The Last Caravanserail”) by Ariane Mnouchkine, Théâtre du Soleil/France
"Fascisti su Marte" by Corrado Guzzanti/Italy
"La Faute à Fidel" (“Blame It On Fidel”) by Julie Gavras/France, Italy
"Grido" by Pippo Delbono/Italy
"Herbie Hancock: Possibilities" by Doug Biro, Jon Fine/USA
"Héros Fragiles" (“The Conspiracy”) by Emilio Pacull/France, Chili
"Histoire d'eaux" (episode from “Ten Minutes Older”) by Bernardo Bertolucci/Italy
"In coda ai titoli" (“Dailies”) by Riccardo Paoletti/Italy
"Jamal" by Luisella Ratiglia/Italy
"Jin Tian de Yu Zen Me Yang?" (“How Is Your Fish Today?”) by Xiaolu Guo/UK, China
"Kaleldo" (“Summer Heat”) by Brillante Mendoza/Philippines
"Kinshasa Palace" by Zeka Laplaine/Democratic Republic of Congo, France
"Kurt Cobain: About a Son" by Aj Schnack/USA
"The Lew Rudin Way" by David Hoffman/USA
"Machinima" (collective)
"Il Mondo Addosso" by Costanza Quatriglio/Italy
"Muoiono soltanto gli" by Margherita Ferrandino, Giovanni Veronesi/Italy
"La Niebla en Las Palmeras" (“The Mist in the Palm Trees”) by Carlos Molinero, Lola Salvador/Spain
"Okùnchiràn" (“Emergency in Cambodia”) by Claudio Rubino, Emanuele Scaringi/Italy
"Renaissance" by Christian Volckman/France, UK, Luxembourg
"Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles" (“Mille miglia lontano”) by Zhang Yimou/Hong Kong, China, Japan
"Ritorni" (“Homecomings”) by Giovanna Taviani/Italy, France
"Ritratto di sconosciuto Marcellus Dominicus Vincentius" by Roberto Meddi, Gioia Magrini/Italy
"Sartoria Tirelli Vestire il Cinema" by Gianfranco giugni/Italy
"Shut Up and Sing" by Barbara Kopple et Cecilia Peck/USA
"Siluro Rosso La straordinaria storia di RubénGallego" (“Red Torpedo”) by Mara Chiaretti/Italy "Sorelle" by Marco Bellocchio/Italy
"Tierney Gearon: The Mother Project" by Jack Youngelson, Peter Sutherland/USA
"Tre Donne Morali" by Marcello Garofalo/Italy
"Uomini Forti" by Steve Della Casa/Italy
"La Vera Leggenda di Tony Vilar" by Giuseppe Gagliardi/Italy
"Vospomineanije ot Sayat Nova" (“Memories About Sayat Nova”) by Levon Grigorian/Armenia
"The Yacoubian Building" by Marwan Hamed/Egypt
"The War Tapes" by Deborah Scranton/USA
"Sampras" by Luca Vendruscolo/Italy
"Cidade Dos Homens" (“City of Men”) collective/Brazil
"È Morto Cattelan! Evviva Cattelan!" by Marco Penso - Italy

For further information, please visit the official website (in English)

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