Richmond French Film Festival

Richmond French Film Festival

Type : Feature film and short film festival
Theme : French films
Location : United States
Period : March

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Festival years (17)

Event presentation

All directors are invited as guests of the festival. Non-competitive festival. The festival will not return DVDs sent for pre-selection.

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Registration conditions for short films

Films produced on or after : 01/01/2014
Registration deadline : 31/12/2014
Registration deadline by Unifrance : 31/12/2014
Unifrance Films contacts at this event : Christine Gendre
Registration Form available on external website :

Subtitling required
Maximum runtime : 15'
Films produced on or after : Dans l'année précédant le festival
Genres accepted : Fiction films, animated films and documentaries
Pre-selection format requirements : DVD, Short Film Gallery
Screening format requirements : 35mm, DCP (Digital Cinema Package)