Unifrance takes French films around the world - summer 2009

A review of French films at festivals (selections, awards, delegations) and Unifrance support for commercial release in the 2009 summer season.

In the past two months, Unifrance has participated in 6 feature film festivals: the 2009 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the 2009 Durban International Film Festival, the 2009 International Film Festival in Melbourne, the 2009 Locarno International Film Festival, the 2009 Haugesund International Film Festival, and the 2009 Montreal World Film Festival. Unifrance has also participated in the following short film festivals: the 2009 Vila do Conde International Short Film Festival, the 2009 Giffoni International Film Festival for Children and Young People, the 2009 Seoul International Animated Film Festival (SICAF), Locarno, Montreal, the 2009 Nenzing Alpinale Film Festival, the 2009 Sarajevo Film Festival, the 2009 Odense Film Festival, and the 2009 São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

Unifrance provided support for the release of 13 films in international territories by covering travel expenses for 16 French artists:
Didier Bourdon and Jean-Pierre Tagliaferri for the release of Bambou in Belgium;
Anne Fontaine for the release of Coco avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) in the UK;
Danièle Thompson for the release of Le Code a changé (Change of Plans) in Quebec;
Vincent Perez for the release of Demain dès l’aube (Tomorrow at Dawn) in Quebec;
Emmanuel Mouret for the release of Fais moi plaisir in Belgium;
Nora Arnezeder and Christophe Barratier for the release of Faubourg 36 (Paris 36) in Japan;
Josiane Balasko for the release of Le Hérisson in Belgium;
Ursula Meier and Isabelle Huppert for the release of Home in the UK;
Sophie Laloy for the release of Je te mangerais (You Will Be Mine) in Quebec;
Julie Lopes Curval for the release of Mères et filles (Mothers and Daughters) in Quebec;
Alain Guiraudie for the release of Le Roi de l’évasion (The King of Escape) in Switzerland;
Yolande Moreau for the release of Séraphine in German-speaking Switzerland;
Agathe Bonitzer for the release of Un chat un chat (Pardon My French) in Germany.

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