Oscars 2016: a French sales company honored

Oscars 2016: a French sales company honored

By winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Film, Son of Saul awards Hungary, but also France via Playtime, the French exporter which sold the film throughout the world, proving once again the special expertise of our companies in this field.

The 88th Oscars ceremony honored the French film industry, not only by recognizing emerging talents, such as Deniz Gamze Ergüven (Mustang), but also by shining the spotlight on its exceptional ability to reveal foreign directors to the world, such as Anglo-Palestinian filmmaker Basil Khalil (Ave Maria, produced by Éric Dupont), or, of course, the talented Hungarian László Nemes, who was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with Son of Saul, a moving debut feature, whose international sales were handled by French company Playtime and its Director of European Sales François Yon (in the photo at the Oscars ceremony alongside László Nemes).

This award is hence further proof that French film export companies today play an essential role in making cinema different from what is spontaneously proposed by the international majors exist and circulate, while preserving a genuinely universal vocation. Our country can be proud.

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