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PERVY KANAL (ex ORT - Russian Public Television)

Activities : TV Channel, Television media, Foreign distributor (feature film), Buyer (feature films)


100% owned by the Russian state since August 1998, although advertising remains the source of its revenues.


Anatoli Maksimov
Anatoli Maksimov

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (2 films)

Just a SighJust a Sigh (2013)

Director : Jérôme Bonnell
Actors : Gabriel Byrne, Emmanuelle Devos, Gilles Privat, Aurélia Petit, Laurent Capelluto
Foreign distributor (feature film) : PERVY KANAL (ex ORT - Russian Public Television)
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : A day. A train. Two strangers. Exchanged glances, accelerated heartbeats. Watching her leave, losing her forever or allowing himself a moment of adventure? And what if Alix's life was turned upside down?
Marque des anges - MiserereMarque des anges - Miserere (2012)

Director : Sylvain White
Actors : Gérard Depardieu, Joey Starr, Rüdiger Vogler, Helena Noguerra, Marthe Keller...
Buyer (feature films) : PERVY KANAL (ex ORT - Russian Public Television)
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : In Paris, Lionel Kasdan, a retired police captain, investigates a strange murder: a choirmaster has been found dead in his church, his eardrums shattered, no witnesses. Frank Salek, an Interpol agent who risks being suspended by...

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