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Sarah Cunningham

Activities : Director, Director of photography, Assistant Operator

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (9 films)

Les InvisiblesLes Invisibles (2015)

Director : Akihiro Hata
Actors : César Domboy, Patrick Bonnel, Marc Bodnar, Roch Leibovici, Christophe Reymond...
Associate production company : Moteur S'il Vous Plaît Production
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Alexandre, a young man of twenty, goes to work in a nuclear power plant with the hope to earn money and to change his life. His new life begins, surrounded by the men of nuclear power, the invisibles.
The CaptureThe Capture (2015)

Director : Geoffrey Lachassagne
Associate production company : La Huit Production
Genres : Documentary
Synopsis : Pierre Bergounioux  is one of the majeur authors of our time, If his work has a universal impact, it also has its privileged territories: history and literature, tmemory and writing, the childhood and the Corrèze. A word, thus,...
ContorsionContorsion (2013)

Director : Ingrid Chikhaoui
Actors : Manue Fleytoux, Equidad Bares, Noam Wise, Nahuel Desanto, Jean Gary...
Associate production company : Anoki
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Faustine is a young contortionist who shares her life between the circus school of and hiss acrobat friends. While her articulations weaken, she sees a change in her report with her body, her future and the rest of the troop. An...
The First StepThe First Step (2012)

Director : Jonathan Comnène
Actors : Julian Donica, Mélissa Ganem, Grigori Manoukov
Associate production company : ABELINA films PRODUCTION
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Twelve-year-old Sacha is a solo figure skater with a dedicated trainer: his father. But Sacha is in love and has only one thing on his mind: to dance on the ice with Rebecca. 
The Future, TodayThe Future, Today (2012)

Director : Anne Zinn-Justin
Actors : Armande Boulanger, Arthur Vaughan-Whitehead, Agathe Dronne, Gauthier Baillot, Xavier Mathieu
Associate production company : Moteur S'il Vous Plaît Production
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : In May, 1981, the day before the second tour of the presidential elections. Claire, age fifteen, suffocates in her family circle. Whereas her father, unemployed bank employee, augurs gloomily Russian tanks and quiquennal plan if...

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