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Frédérique Lapierre

Activities : Production Designer

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (6 films)

The PaintingThe Painting (2013)

Director : Laurent Achard
Actors : Thérèse Roussel, Fred Personne, Pascal Cervo, Mireille Roussel
Associate production company : Les Films du Worso
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : In the twilight of their life, Odile and Marcel still love each other. Affected by an incurable disease, Odile must be hospitalized. Feeling the end of Odile so close, the couple decided to commit suicide, so not to be separated....
Josephine Single & FabulousJosephine Single & Fabulous (2012)

Director : Agnès Obadia
Actors : Marilou Berry, Mehdi Nebbou, Charlie Dupont, Amelle Chahbi, Alice Pol...
Associate production company : Les Films du 24
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Joséphine, 29 and three quarters, obsessed by the size of her derrière the source of all her problems, still hasn't found the non-smoking-good-cook-who-likes-cats-and-wants-tons-of-kids man of her dreams. Her only consolation is...
Camille RewindsCamille Rewinds (2011)

Director : Noémie Lvovsky
Actors : Noémie Lvovsky, Samir Guesmi, India Hair, Judith Chemla, Julia Faure...
Associate production company : F Comme Film, Ciné@
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Camille was sixteen years-old when she met Eric. They fell madly in love and had a daughter.… 25 years later: Eric is leaving Camille for a younger woman. That’s New Year’s Eve, and Camille suddenly finds herself back in her past....
Ultimate ScreeningUltimate Screening (2011)

Director : Laurent Achard
Actors : Pascal Cervo, Karole Rocher, Austin Morel, Brigitte Sy, Mireille Roussel...
Associate production company : Les Films du Worso
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Sylvain, a young man, devotes his life to small, local movie theater destined to be shut down. He lives in the theater's basement and is the theater programer, projectionist, and ticket seller. Each night, after the last screening...
Lights OutLights Out (2010)

Director : Fabrice Gobert
Actors : Jules Pélissier, Ana Girardot, Yan Tassin, Selma El Mouissi, Arthur Mazet...
Associate production company : 2.4.7. Films (247films)
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : March 1992 in a small town in the suburbs of Paris. During an alcohol fuelled party, a group of teenagers discover a corpse hidden in the undergrowth of a forest. Two weeks earlier. Simon Werner, a senior in the Science...
The Man Without a HeadThe Man Without a Head (2003)

Director : Juan Solanas
Actors : Alain Hocine, Ambre Boukebza, Salah Teskouk, Stéphane Botti, Christophe Botti
Associate production company : Onyx Films
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : A simple room looks out on a vast industrial landscape. The sea can be seen in the distance, melding with the horizon. The sea disappears far into the distance. A few steps are danced to an old-fashioned, rousing tune. Someone...

Delegations (1)

Lutin Short Film Awards - 2004Lutin Short Film Awards - 2004
Production designer : The Man Without a Head
Type : Awards
Location : France

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