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Christophe Grégoire

Activities : Actor
Represented by : Agence Marceline Lenoir
Agent : Dominique Dauba

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (4 films)

ZooZoo (2012)

Director : Nicolas Pleskof
Actors : Claude Perron, Christophe Grégoire, Alice de Lencquesaing, Stella Trotonda
Associate production company : Kazak Productions
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : From the menstruations of their daughters to the birth of their dog, everything is under control in the life of Emmanuelle and Olivier Teziev. But this morning, Léa, their younger daughter, did not come down for breakfast. On her...
JeanjeanJeanjean (2009)

Director : Robin Renucci
Actors : Jacques Maury, Christophe Grégoire, Dimi De Delphes
Associate production company : Arcanae
Genres : Fiction
SMSM (2007)

Director : Johann Sorin
Actors : Christophe Grégoire, Albane Fioretti, Gowan Didi, Robert Valbon
Associate production company : Narcisse Films
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis :
 Pit Parker contre l'araignée Pit Parker contre l'araignée (1994)

Director : Marc Boyer
Actor : Christophe Grégoire
Associate production company : Lardux Films
Genres : Fiction, Animated film
Synopsis : Pit Parker, is full into reading his newspaper, disturbed by a spider. The hunting into which goes will destroy little by little its cosy home. Just how far will he go to annihilate the intruder?

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