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Nicole Stéphane

Activities : Actress, Assistant director, Producer, Narrator
Also known as : Nicole de Rothschild
Date of Birth : 27/05/1923
Date of decease : 14/03/2007

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Destroy, She SaidDestroy, She Said (1969)

Director : Marguerite Duras
Actors : Michael Lonsdale, Henri Garcin, Nicole Hiss, Daniel Gélin, Catherine Sellers
Associate production company : Madeleine Films, Ancinex
Genres : Fiction, Experimental
Synopsis : This compelling drama filled with symbolism features the chance meeting between a German Jew and a married couple, college professor Garcin and wife Hiss, at a forest resort.  
A Matter of Resistance / Chateau LifeA Matter of Resistance / Chateau Life (1965)

Director : Jean-Paul Rappeneau
Actors : Philippe Noiret, Catherine Deneuve, Pierre Brasseur, Henri Garcin, Mary Marquet...
Associate production company : Les Productions de la Guéville
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : In the countryside near Normandy's beaches lives Marie, unhappy. It's 1945, she's married to Jérôme, a somewhat fussy milquetoast, diffident to the war around him and unwilling to move his wife to Paris, where she longs to live,...
Le Théâtre National PopulaireLe Théâtre National Populaire (1956)

Director : Georges Franju
Associate production company : Ancinex, Procinex
Genres : Documentary
Sur le pont d'AvignonSur le pont d'Avignon (1956)

Director : Georges Franju
Associate production company : Ancinex, Procinex
Genres : Documentary
Mon chienMon chien (1955)

Director : Georges Franju
Actress : Jacqueline Lemaire
Associate production company : Procinex
Genres : Fiction, Documentary
Synopsis : A Parisian family on their way to the French Riviera. The father decides to get rid of the family dog that he abandons in a forest. His young daughter cries bitterly but nothing doing. The poor dog manages to find his way back to...
Monsieur et Madame CurieMonsieur et Madame Curie (1953)

Director : Georges Franju
Actors : Nicole Stéphane, Lucien Hubert, Lucien Barjon
Associate production company : Armor Films, Téléfilms
Genres : Fiction, Documentary

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