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Patrick Mille

Activities : Actor, Director, Screenwriter
Represented by : Ubba
Agent : Cécile Felsenberg

Recent filmography (French films only)Complete filmography (22 films)

En équilibreEn équilibre (2014)

Director : Denis Dercourt
Actors : Albert Dupontel, Cécile De France, Marie Bäumer, Patrick Mille, Carole Franck...
Associate production company : Mandarin Cinéma
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Marc is a stuntman who works with horses. After a serious accident on a film shoot, he loses all hope of ever getting back in the saddle. His insurance company has put Florence in charge of his case. But Florence doesn't usually...
A Greek Type of ProblemA Greek Type of Problem (2012)

Director : Brigitte Roüan
Actors : Nicole Garcia, Éric Caravaca, Patrick Mille, Michaël Abiteboul, Gaspard Ulliel...
Associate production company : Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : The gods don't like humans forcing the hand of fate. The festival Jo founded was cancelled because of the recession, but still she turns up in Greece with her sons. She forces the mayor to put on a "little" show to replace the...
Grand retournementGrand retournement (2012)

Director : Gérard Mordillat
Actors : Jacques Weber, François Morel, Édouard Baer, Franck de Lapersonne, Jacques Pater...
Associate production company : Stephan-Films
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : It's the economic crisis, the stock market slumps, banks are on the verge of bankruptcy, credit is dead, the economy is dying... To save their investments, banks call out to the state. The despised state is suddenly the savior!...
Bad GirlBad Girl (2011)

Director : Patrick Mille
Actors : Izia Higelin, Carole Bouquet, Arthur Dupont, Bob Geldof, Joana Preiss...
Associate production company : Chapter 2, ARP Sélection
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Louise simultaneously discovers that she is pregnant and that her mother is seriously ill. Happiness and guilt, euphoria and sadness, filial love and love, period. She'll need a good nine months to cope with all this.
Love CrimeLove Crime (2010)

Director : Alain Corneau
Actors : Ludivine Sagnier, Kristin Scott Thomas, Patrick Mille, Guillaume Marquet, Gérald Laroche...
Associate production company : SBS Films
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : Against the cold and impersonal backdrop of an office in a powerful multinational company, two women cross swords. Isabelle, the younger of the two, is responsible to Christine, a woman of authority whom she admires...
You'll miss me - Poster - FranceYou'll miss me (2008)

Director : Amanda Sthers
Actors : Carole Bouquet, Pierre Arditi, Anne Marivin, Patrick Mille, Frédéric Testot...
Associate production company : Sunrise Films, Ugc ym
Genres : Fiction
Synopsis : In an airport bustling with life, the destinies of six people will bump into each other, intertwine, separate and come together the duration of a moment.And what if these characters were actually living, without knowing it, the...

Delegations (1)

New York Rendez-Vous With French Cinema Today - 2013New York Rendez-Vous With French Cinema Today - 2013
Director : Bad Girl
Type : Unifrance festival
Location : United States

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